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WE FIRMLY BELIEVE that today’s generation owes a duty to the future generation in being an active community that protects trees and fosters ways in conserving the environment while forging development and progress through viable and green alternatives and least-invasive procedures; ` WE STRONGLY PROTEST THE RETROGRESSIVE PLAN OF THE DPWH in cutting trees along Magsaysay Avenue and San Felipe and all other similar activities in the guise of road widening and clearing; Cutting trees is never a solution towards decongesting traffic; There was never a study that confirms how cutting trees has helped in paving better roads and improving the traffic situation; Instead, cutting trees will further aggravate the ill-effects of smoke from vehicles and degrade the air and temperature quality of the place; WHILE WE UPHOLD the need for safe roads and highways, and passable thoroughfares, We believe that these can be achieved without harming, injuring, or cutting decades and century-old trees; TREES ALONG ROADS AND HIGHWAYS are not inimical to public interest or public safety; neither are they obstacles to progress and development, hence the march towards Uswag Naga; Before any tree cutting is done, there should also be proper research and study by experts in the field of public transportation and safety and that study should be discussed with all sectors; IN OUR MAOGMANG LUGAR, the heart of Bikol that has produced some of the most innovative leaders of the Bicol Region, that has made a name on the national and international scene for LGU transparency, people empowerment, and participation in decision making for the city, We believe that we have many workable solutions and alternatives to cutting trees; Towards a common goal of conserving what trees are left of the mess created by the road-widening scheme, a public consultation of all stakeholders. WE CALL FOR ACTION from our responsible Local Government Officials to actively and actually pursue a green propaganda and PUT A STOP to non-renewal actions. We used to call for a Clean and Green Naga City; Without trees how could that be possible? The Official Logo of Naga City has a symbolic tree in it, how have we ignored our very own symbol? WE LIVE IN THIS DANGEROUS ERA OF GLOBAL WARMING, and Our conscious efforts in alleviating its effects could be an insurmountable challenge; but it must be done ; and THEREFORE , We sign this Petition to ask the DENR, DPWH, and the LGU Naga City to CEASE and DESIST from all tree-cutting activities and CONVENE all sectors to address once and for all the viable and green alternatives available to us. Let us all lend a hand to save trees! Let us unite to make Naga a sustainable city! We are LORAX. 23 JULY 2017 Ciudad nin Naga

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