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Diabetes Mellitus at elderly health lecture

NAGA CITY --- The intake of oral medication or Insulin injection to control Diabetes (high blood sugar) does not destroy the Kidney and the Liver but it is the Diabetes itself which eventually destroy them”, explained Dr. Duncan Bertulfo E. De Lima, Endocrinologist in the city, when he spoke before the senior citizens at the Elderly Health Lecture Series co-sponsored by the Penafrancia Parish and the Tomasinong Bikolano last Sunday morning at the Parish Hall, here. Most of the time there are no symptoms for Diabetes. Regular urination, always feeling thirsty and hungry, wounds that do not heal, are some of the symptoms resulting from high blood sugar in the body, he said. People afflicted with Diabetes are prone to blindness, kidney disease, gangrene, stroke, heart disease and neuropathy, he lectured. Types of Diabetes , he said, are Type I meaning there is no Insulin in the body thereby requiring regular insulin injection, and Type II means there is Insulin resistance therefore requiring oral medication for new or insulin in the future. He suggested blood sugar test every four months. A glucometer in the house shall be helpful in regularly monitoring blood sugar. To him, blood sugar before meal ranging from 80 to 120 for the young and 180 below for the very old are acceptable. He also recommended proper diet and exercise. Earlier in the same Gathering, Fr. Rey Jose Rellora inducted Mrs. Edith Ravago as a new member of the Executive Board of the Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship. She is the president of the San Felipe Barangay Pastoral Council. Shown in above photo is Dr. De Lima giving Lecture to the senior parishioners.

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