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The buck stops with Duterte

By Dinggol Competente Velasco THE day after Kian Lloyd was gunned down and because of the growing furor, Chief Bato and many Police Generals took it upon themselves to assail Kian Lloyd as a teenage drug mule, that his father and uncles were known drug pushers in the area, and that even if their names weren’t on the Barangay List of druggies, “police intel” definitely pointed to the entire family as druggies. They even produced a witness who could not look straight into the camera who professed that he took delivery of Shabu from Kian Lloyd himself on orders from a certain ‘Neneng’, everyday. Then Abella took the offensive that the Kian Lloyd killing was an isolated case (one of more than 13,400 cases!). Since Kian Lloyd’s case was clear murder, facts begun to stack up against the lies of Caloocan police. First, Sen. Hontiveros took personal hold of four (4) witnesses under her wing; witnesses who can testify that Kian did not fight it out, or that he was murdered for sport by the Police. Second, Vice President Leni Robredo not only condemned the killing but also provided the parents of Kian with ample Legal representation from FLAG ... if they were harassed or when they filed their case in Court to make the police and the police hierarchy answerable for Kian’s murder. And third, when the PAO brought with them their own public medico legal team for an autopsy of Kian Lloyd’s body - the facts of the case can no longer be ignored. Kian Lloyd was murdered. The autopsy came up with these absolutes: 1. Kian was shot fatally in the back which exited in his front chest. 2. Two other shots were made when Kian Lloyd was already slumped face down in the muddy estero; one behind the left ear and one directly in the left earhole, both shots exited on the right temple of Kian. Probably coup d grace shots, to make sure he won’t get up again. When the public knew of the autopsy results, Malacañang knew their game was up. They somehow instructed Koko Pimentel and most of their Senators to file a Resolution to investigate the Kian Lloyd murder. Duterte fired Faeldon. Then Duterte is now saying the policemen involved in the shooting will rot in jail if they were guilty. Duterte already conveniently forgot his words when he met with the VACC during their anniversary when he said, “Yang mga pulis, tao ko yan. Susunod sila sa akin. Kesehoda kung ano sinabi ng iba dyan, basta sa akin protektado ko sila”. He protected Supt. Marcos despite him going inside the Leyte jail to kill Mayor Espinosa. He even gave a medal to Supt. Jovy Espinosa for throwing a grenade against Mayor Parojinog and fourteen of his family, before showing to their dead bodies, the Search Warrant. When are we going to hear Duterte say he is sorry, that ordering the Police to kill before filing a case is wrong? When is Duterte going to stop showing his updated “List” or when will he say that just being in the list could get you killed even without a Warrant or a Court proceeding pronouncing one guilty, not just being on a List! When is Duterte going to face the music that his son is involved in the import of drugs from China, in cahoots with some Chinese friends? When? The Buck Stops With you Digong. Own up or Resign if you had any shred of humanity left in you.

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