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Good morning judge: The best in the Filipino spirit

SOMEONE has said that we cannot hold back the hands of time. Indeed, time is fleeting and barely three months from now another year is going behind us. In the meantime, as we go on with our lives we make the most of what we can for ourselves, for our neighbors and friends and for our loved ones. Our country has experienced events which have been the source of our pride especially in sports. We have suffered difficulties too as what is happening in Marawi City. Nonetheless, we seem to be able to survive these difficulties. Reports from the military are that the Marawi war against the ISIS is almost over with most of their strongholds having been taken over by the military. This writer commiserates with the people of Houston, Texas which has been hit by a devastating Hurricane. It is, however, heartening to note that our brother Filipinos who have settled in Houston did not hesitate to go out of their way in helping save lives as reported over CNN Philippines. On the local scene, our city officials have their hands full preparing for the coming Traslacion on September 8 and the Penafrancia Fiesta the following week. As early as now, we have noted busloads of devotees of our Ina coming to Naga from other regions of the country to avoid the hustle and bustle on the day of the fiesta itself. Indeed, all roads will lead to Naga, especially on September 16 and 17. TRIVIA: August 29 and 30 mark the fiesta of my hometown of Pasacao. Congratulations and belated happy fiesta to Mayor Niño Tayco and family. As noted by famous historian Danny Gerona in his newly published book “El Puerto y Astillero Real de Pasacao” this town “enjoys the privilege of possessing a rich and colorful history. It was “among those early villages which were included in the more important colonial records written in the 17th and 18th centuries which found their way in the various colonial offices in the Philippines and in the Imperial Court of Spain.” The USI high school batch ‘55 is scheduled to meet this coming Saturday at a local resto-bar in Naga to celebrate the Nth birthday anniversary of their batch mate Myrna Faviner. Congratulations to Sis Myrna and many happy returns of the day. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “TO MAKE DEMOCRACY WORK WE MUST BEPARTICIPANTS, NOT SIMPLY OBSERVERS.” LOUIS L’ AMOUR FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “...NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD.” ZECH 4:6

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