Parents’ support boosts confidence

By Juan Escandor Jr. NAGA CITY---Sandra P. Vivo, 20, one of the 20 official candidates of the Ms. Bicolandia 2017 is motivated to join beauty pageants because of the full support of her parents. “It (support of her parents) boosts my confidence,” Vivo told the Bicol Mail during a one-on-one interview in Goa town in Camarines Sur where she lives with her parents, both educators. She said she was always encouraged to represent her department in school during school-based beauty pageants, which somehow made her parents approve her joining beauty pageants outside the campus. “I learned to enjoy and get serious participating in the beauty pageants after several stints,” Vivo said. But she is representing the neighboring town of Lagonoy because she is one of reigning beauty queens of that town. She said she became the third runner-up of Ms. Lagonoy because the beauty pageant was open to all qualified women. “I was offered by the LGU (local government unit) of Lagonoy to represent their municipality which I accepted,” Vivo said. But before accepting the offer of the Lagonoy LGU, she said she asked permission from the Goa LGU to represent Lagonoy and was permitted. Vivo said the Lagonoy LGU expects her to help promote the tourism industry of that town. She said the Lagonoy LGU spends for her training and other requirements in joining the Ms. Bicolandia pageant. Vivo is a fourth-year student at the Partido State University, studying Bachelor in Secondary Education, major in Biological Science, and she is determined to become a teacher even though she is into beauty contests in her younger years. She said her instructors and professors at the university are all supportive and gave her considerations like allowing her to make up for and submit equivalent projects that she will miss. Vivo started joining beauty contests in different towns in Camrines Sur since she was 18 years old. The Ms. Bicolandia pageant is her eighth time to join a beauty contest which she considers a major one. Once on stage, she said, the bright lights actually help her concentrate because she could not see much of the audience. Vivo said deep breathing helps her overcome fear and improves her confidence. As a higher goal, she wanted to qualify for the Bb. Pilipina pageant someday.