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Good Morning Judge: “What’s happening to our country, General?”

YEARS back when my late uncle Brig. Gen. Tomas B. Karingal was the Chief of Police of Quezon City, an attempt on the life of the then late Vice-President Emmanuel Pelaez was made. My uncle then rushed to the hospital where Pelaez was confined and the story goes that on his bedside the then vice-president asked my late uncle, thus: “What’s happening to our country, general?” With the unabated extra-judicial killings in our country which even the United Nation’s General Assembly in New York has reportedly taken notice of, the same question could be asked “What’s happening to our country, general.” Indeed, what’s happening to our country? It would seem that not only the culture of corruption (as what is reportedly happening at the BOC and the Comelec and other agencies of the government) but also the culture of extra-judicial killings has seemingly pervaded the Phillippine society. Even President Rodrigo R. Duterte is facing corruption charges as reported by the PDI issue yesterday (September 27). It appears that corruption has become endemic in the gamut of our government service. Acts of government corruption persist and it appears that even with the existence of the Anti-Corruption and Practices Act the commission of graft in government service continues. The fatal hazing of UST law student Horacio Castillo III which led to his untimely death is not only unfortunate but deserves condemnation. This writer commiserates with the family of the late law student and hereby joins the many law abiding citizens of this country in their call for the passage by Congress of the proposed law which will all-together ban hazing by any school fraternity whether done within the school premises or outside. The punishment for its violation should be stiff fine and imprisonment. I hope that the proposed bill to that effect now under consideration by Congress will be passed within this congressional term. TRIVIA: Congratulations to Compadring Gil Malanyaon who celebrated his 79th birthday anniversary with luncheon-fellowship for his batch mates and their spouses at Bob Marlin Resto-Bar. Congratulations also to Ms. Elaine Joyce a.k.a. EJ Aman who will be celebrating her 18th birthday anniversary with dinner-dance party at the Haciendas de Naga in Uptown, Carolina this coming Saturday, September 30. It is a formal affair where ladies are asked to wear long gown and gentlemen in coat and black tie. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “THE MOST PATHETIC PERSON IN THE WORLD IS SOMEONE WHO HAS SIGHT BUT HAS NO VISION.” HELEN KELLER FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “BLESSED BE THE LORD WHO HAS HEARD THE SOUND OF MY PLEADING.” PSALM 28:6

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