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Dispatch from Crame No. 181 11 Otober 2017: Statement of Sen. de Lima on the SC decision dissmissing

I AM DEEPLY saddened and pained by the Supreme Court decision dismissing my petition. I had hoped that the justices who decided against my petition can feel the pain of someone who is sent to prison and yet is innocent of any crime, and has merely fallen victim to the strong arm of the State and the President’s deeply-rooted vengeance against her. The SC’s majority decision tells us the extent to which Dutertism has distorted reason, suppressed the truth and rejected the primacy of conscience. The decision legitimizes oppression and political persecution. I take heart though in the thought that six (6) dissenters - all venerable magistrates - stood their ground. I honor them with a profound thanks and admiration for their courage and fealty to their sworn duty. My lawyers will of course file a motion for reconsideration, and will continue to appeal to the sense of fairness and justice of the Court. There is no other recourse but to go on fighting, especially when one is innocent as I truly am. Every day spent behind bars on bogus charges brings pain and untold sufferings. But it also strengthens resolve. Every single moment in prison serves as a reminder to me of the injustice being committed on thousands of others out there who are not only deprived of their liberty, but of their very right to exist. To go on fighting is the least I can do for them and their loved ones. On a more personal reflection, I say this in all candor - While I deeply yearn for it from day one of my most unjust detention, I have no illusion about attaining vindication for as long as my persecutors remain in power. If it fulfills God’s purpose that I’m deprived of my liberty indefinitely, I completely and unqualifiedly accept it. I’m letting go and let God work in His own divine ways. I ask only for more fortitude for myself and for my family. I humbly ask for continued prayers and support.

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