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Duterte’s EO 44 draws positive reactions from OFWs

LEGAZPI CITY -- After President Rodrigo Duterte signed the executive order (EO) creating bank for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) dedicated to provide financial products and services, Catandunganon OFW, family members, dependents and students, gave positive reactions on Monday. Zaldy Tejerero, project director at NAFFCO in Dubai, UAE from Cabugao, Bato in Catanduaes, said, “It will cater and facilitate the needs of Filipinos working and living abroad, the purpose of its establishment focus es on transparency and accountability with representation from the OFW sector”. Tejerero, whose been working abroad for 12 years, recognized and admired the efforts of the Duterte administration in uplifting the life of every Filipino. “It will be chaired and managed by Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) which is good. It should be rooted and nailed to educate the OFW in establishing their financial goals and not just on remittances. Having this bank itself is very good.” the engineer added. He said the government and OFW sectors must join hands in strengthening its foundation, which the administration is now doing. “Filipino workers and living abroad must have a share in the profits for their future benefits in case that they decided to go back home”, he said. “The EO No 44 is great news to me. In times of emergency that we need financial support we can loan or ask help from PPSB”. Marilou Tito of Bato, Catanduanes, in Facebook message to the Philippine News Agency, said. She added that living and working abroad is a sacrifice for the family left in the Philippines. This OFW bank creation is surely will be a great help to all of us. Looking forward to know more about the benefits of this bank and what can offer to us (OFW). “Thank you Mr. President”, Tito added. “For as long as the aim of the government is to help, sustain and for the betterment and welfare of the OFW’s, I will support and avail the services”. Lodette Soledad, nurse at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in an interview said. Soledad added that giving them (OFW) support and importance is an act of a true leader. He thinks for the benefit of Filipino working abroad, he said. Charisse Tarala,(also in a phone interview),who wants to work broad said “Marinas palan yan..dakulang advantage sa mga pamilya na ikan OFW family member para mas less ang hassle ning least secured pa ta asa banko.” (Good news, it will be beneficial to the OFW family member and it will be less hassle and the money will be protected since it is in the bank) Christine Villanueva, a teacher and mother whose sister is in US, said, “The government is now really reaching out the people. President Duterte is the best President for me”.

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