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‘Mga Aninipot’ musical play at Emily Theatre on Nov. 25

NAGA CITY --- A must-see! “An mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog (Fireflies on the River),” an all-original Bikol musical play that retells the many stories of the river, on November 25, 2017, Saturday, 2pm and 5pm, at the Emily Theatre, this city. Bring your kids, friends, and loved ones, and meet Samuel, Norma, Mamay Luz, William, and Tiyo Tino; the creatures Talaod, Mirapina, Bayawak, Talaod, and Water Lily; kids Gemma, Ariel, and Ivan; fantasmas Aswang, Tikbalang, the Dwendes, and the one-eyed, three-throated Buring; the taumbayans, and the aninipots. “Kita an mga aninipot/ nagkikilyab sa tahaw kan salog./ Kita an mga aninipot/ masalbar sa satuyang salog.” “An mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog” is a one-hour, one-act play that reminds us all of the many stories of our rivers. Through Susog Salog and Salba Istorya projects, which were conducted prior to production, stories were retrieved from senior citizens in communities along the Naga and Bikol Rivers, particularly in the towns of Calabanga, Camaligan, Canaman, Gainza, Magarao, and Minalabac. The stories—from stories of love to superstitions to livelihood to history, etc.—were consolidated and woven by playwright and director Sari Saysay into a single narrative that is the play itself. This quality of the play made it endearing especially to the elderly when it was staged in Camaligan, Canaman, and Magarao towns, as it challenged the young ones to care for their river. Ten songs were then composed by Jireh Pasano, with arrangements and the finale song done by Joseph Reburiano. Victor Dennis Nierva serves as musical director, while Khryss Arañas does the guitar accompaniment. Production and costume designs were done by Wenifredo Macabuhay Reyes West. The entire stretch of production was supervised by Bel Borja, stage manager, and Doods Santos, executive producer, with ample support from casting director Alcid Valencia of USI’s Teatro Sta. Luisa, and assistant director Jenn Romano. The cast—Aninipots—is composed of individuals from the various walks and talks and breakages and wonders of life—grade schoolers Imannuel Monte, Adriana and Jasmine Concha, Kate Manrique, Sophia Aranas, Ana Arandela, Elian Ramirez, Comcom Abiog; students Ann Padin, Nica Ombao, Ken E. Romero, Bruce Arañas, Raymund Samson, Kriz Armendi, Ericka Eleazar, Dominic Nobleza, Jennelyn Bujo; teachers Tess Consulta, Chard Regalario, E.K. Lozano, Esmeralda Cado Albis, Justice Doroteo Valenciano, Markki Lee, Nonna Mikhaila R. Casillan, Alyza Marie Betito, Mon Joar Imperial, Grace Olgina; and radioman Ireno Alcala—all coming together for the joy of the stage and the care for the river. “Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog” is a production of Sumaro sa Salog, Inc. (Sulog), Sangre de Naga, Inc., and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA); supported by the Associates in Research and Community Empowerment Services (ARCES), Inc., Sining Banwa, Montessori Children’s House of Learning, Victor Bichara & Sons, the repective families of our cast and crew members, and many individuals, groups, and institutions whose love and concern for the Naga and Bikol Rivers are as strong as the shapest memory.

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