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INSPIRED: Brevity and Bravery

THE realization that a paradigm shift had become a phenomenon in a writer’s life, was when one’s life becomes derailed into unfocused perspective on a negative bias. One has to have a positive change and refocus on solution-based opportunities. Implementation is the next phase. Hence, there he goes again, back to writing. It had been quite some time and there are some things better left unsaid but there are more things that must be expressed. He never realized that people do know him now as the writer. A creature of habit, for him to make that giant leap of change, he had to break his routine. Then, he had to get out of his comfort zone. It was phenomenal. He even made his public debut and delivered a speech. Who would have thought that the shy bundle of joy his mother, dotingly, called her lifesaver had grown up exactly like his father. He needed the international support of the writers’ circle. Twitter became his second home. They challenged him. Some writers belong to the New York Times Best Seller list. Some are professors of Literature in esteemed universities in Great Britain and the United States of America. He blazed a trail into a new frontier for himself. Meanwhile, here, he met in person more than a few readers. One lady even said that she would always read his work. Another said she found them informative. However, on All Saint’s Day, he had an in-depth conversation with Atty. Ruben General, also a columnist here and a close family friend. His father would be among the guests of his father when he came home from school and he is friends with his older brothers. Atty. General asked him point blank, why he has not written any piece lately. He hinted that maybe it was about remuneration matters. He replied some things are better left unsaid. With a pat on the back, the lawyer bade his farewell. He took it as a heavenly sign to keep on writing. It was never about the money. He has a profound passion for writing that is ingrained in his blood and each word is like a heartbeat, thus, if he halts from utilizing his keyboard, then, practically, he is like an archer without arrows. A Samurai without a sword. A warrior without a mission. Indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword. He sees the silver lining in every storm. It is a responsibility. A duty. His purpose. When he was in the Canadian immigration and the officer told him, “Thank you for being a light to the world!” It made him rage against the dying of the light. It has always been his pleasure. It has been a long journey. There are three talents that he had been given: The gift of writing. The gift of painting. Finally, the gift of humour. When he met an accomplished painter recently at a public event, he congratulated the painter and told him he could be like a Van Gogh and make a fortune. The painter told him, well probably, when he is gone. Artists always have a deprecating demeanor. He further inquired if the painter also does portraits. He said, “no, just abstract.” When he went home he took out his file and decided to do some unfinished business. He completed his drawing of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Then, he wrote a poem about her. The title of this column is Inspired. He has been inspired by God, by Our Lady. And, the painter. And the readers, just like you. He is nothing without a reader as he often wrote and, succinctly, pointed out. He would just be one unpublished writer hoping for that one chance, for that one dream. A fool who dreams. Nonetheless, he always remembers where he came from and he shares his poem enveloped in Brevity and Bravery. He hopes that you continue to dream and be inspired just like him. Our Lady of Peñafrancia I searched for an inspiration like thee A Mother as lovely as thee Looking through diamond eyes Amidst the world’s darkness Your face shines brightly That even the mighty Kneel before thy image To plead for courage Your beauty and radiance Become our guidance With your sheer inspiration You are drawn with dedication By your humble painter And your inspired writer

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