Year of the Parish

Revitalizing the Stewardship Program (SPARC) in the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle, Bagacay Tinambac, Cam. Sur Bagacay Parish Priest, Fr. Emil Llagas, invited representatives of different barangays within the Parish to attend the SPARC (Stewardship Program of the Archdiocese of Caceres) Re-Orientation Seminar facilitated by Fr. Rex Andrew Alarcon. 255 representatives attended the formation session which dealt with the Spirituality of Stewardship and the Mechanics of the SPARC Program. The SPARC was started in the Archdiocese of Caceres in 2003, as a support pastoral strategy to community building. SPARC envisions a participatory church through the sharing of Life, Talent, Treasure, and Time. It has 3 components: Education, Community Building and Livelihood, making the parish self-sufficient and self-reliant. The sustainability of the Program requires elements of the small ecclesial communities or BECs, strong formation programs, consistency in the implementation, and continuous monitoring and evaluation. 14 years later, while not all parishes have implemented the Program, its spirit is still alive in certain parishes. The Parish of Bagacay was established on May 14, 2011 with Fr. Victor Atanacio as the first parish priest.