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Naga to build physical therapy, rehab center

By Jason B. Neola NAGA CITY --- Next year, a new medical facility will rise within the City Hall compound, here, to attend to individuals suffering from physical immobility, a body condition which the Naga City Police Office observed to be achieving “a continuing increase in number.” The ordinance that seeks to establish the center and create the Naga City Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Committee was sponsored by City Councilor Jose “Sonny” C. Rañola. It was enacted on December 5, this year. The police’s observation was confirmed by the City Health Office that welcomes the proposed facility as it “will be greatly important especially to indigent patients who are suffering from paralysis due to stroke, amputation, injury, sprains, strains and other health problems.” Rañola, in his explanatory note, said that physical therapy is often used to treat various types of injuries and disorders that cause problems with movement. People with certain health conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease may require a physical therapist in order for the patient to regain mobility and function. “With the operation of the physical therapy and rehab center, a huge number of patients from all ages and walks of life will be served free of charge, especially those from poor families and from the sector of persons with disabilities. There are lots of PWDs who undergo therapy twice a week,” says Dr. Vito Borja, city health officer. The police observation on the rising number of persons suffering from physical immobility was determined from reports that accounts for the increasing number of vehicular accidents in the city, especially those that involve motorcycles. Borja said the facility will be equipped with complete PT and rehab tools, equipment, and instruments aside from the needed personnel as Mayor Bongat will not allow the facility to operate without meeting the standard requirements. The P3.1M PT and rehab center that will sit on a 300-square-meter lot, according to City Engineer Leon Palmiano, will be constructed early next year and is expected to be completed after 3 to 4 months. It shall have a floor area of 135 square meters. Funding for the construction of the center will be taken from the P3.1-M donation from LGU Quezon City while the P1.5-M allocation for the equipment will be sourced from the annual budget of the city government of Naga, including the budget for the needed manpower complementation of 3 physical therapists, 1 job order receptionist and 1 utility worker. The facility, which will be operated and maintained by the city government, in cooperation with the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), will provide the services of: 1.) a gym and exercise equipment to help promote mobility and function for patients despite the injuries/conditions obtained; 2.) physical therapists to help patients undergo treatment using therapeutic exercises and techniques, radiant and superficial heating, therapeutic ultrasound, patient education and training that can allow individuals to function and perform daily activities or routines with minimum assistance or no assistance at all; 3.) occupational therapist to help patients achieve their highest capacity in performing activities of daily living, and 4.) speech therapist to help people with language-related learning issues, such as, speaking, listening and writing. The composition and function of the Naga City Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center: • Chairman - Chairman, SP Committee on Health • Co-chairman - City Health Officer • Members -Head, PDAO - President, Senior Citizens Federation - Chairman, HELP Learning Center - Liga President - Chairman, SP Committee on Children - Physiatrist - City Social Welfare and Development Office They will be tasked to: 1. To identify potential partners in the establishment and operation of the Center, and in the acquisition of necessary equipment; 2. To formulate plans and programs of the Center in coordination with concerned entities; 3. To oversee the management and operation of the Center; and, 4. To render periodic progress report of patients and operation of the Center.

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