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Good Morning Judge: Let 2018 be a banner year

DUE to some glitches in the internet service last week, this writer was not able to write his piece. As much as possible, I always endeavor to meet the deadline. This is because of our love for the printer’s ink. Thus, while we were in Tagbilaran, Bohol two weeks ago I had to go to the internet café in Hennan Beach Resort where we were billeted to be able to send our column. Be that as it may, it is great to welcome Year 2018 with high hopes for a better life, less wrangling by our political leaders, and a robust economy for our country. In relation to this, we note with pride newspaper reports that the Gallup International’s 41st Annual Global End of the Year Survey, an opinion poll conducted among 55 countries, ranked the Philippines third happiest country, after Fiji and Colombia. Reportedly, Malacanang hailed the Filipinos’ capacity to be happy even in the bleakest circumstances, and reports further say that Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar assured that the Duterte administration would see to it that the Filipinos would have a strong basis “by ensuring the improvement of the economy and of the government, and bringing peace and justice to the country.” Well and good and let’s hope for the best. As has been said, hope springs eternal. The lackadaisical attitude of some nurses and medical personnel of the Naga City Hospital has come to the fore arising from the complaints of patients who invariably went to the hospital for treatment or medical attention. We commend the fast action of Mayor John Bongat in holding in abeyance the permanent appointment of the medical officer of the hospital as announced by him in an interview with Jo Osabal of KM radio. Invariably the patients who visit the hospital for medical attention are those who cannot afford to pay the oftentimes high charges of most private hospitals in Naga. The medical personnel of NCH ought to realize this. TRIVIA: From our friend Emil Saavedra this writer received the following email: “January is Bdays of Legendary Mediamen in Bicol. Rufo Tuy, Jr. Jan. 9, Dads Silvestre Jan 10, Sal Fortuno Jan 11, Mario Ochoa Jan 12, Manny Enalpe, Jan 13, Jose Fernando Obias Jan 14, and Emil Saavedra Jan 15. Memorized ko yan.” Congratulations and birthday greetings to all of you. Let’s roll out the barrel. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “NO MAN IS A LEADER UNTIL HIS APPOINTMENT IS RATIFIED IN THE MINDS AND THE HEARTS OF MEN.” INFANTRY MAN’S JOURNAL FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “HE WHO WALKS IN INTEGRITY WALKS SECURELY.” PROVERBS 10:9

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