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Letter to the Editor: What is happening to our country?

This is a 64-peso question generally confronting Juan de la Cruz. He ask these particular questions: Why is it that despite relentless campaign by our law enforcement authorities on war drugs, the menace still persists. The drug personalities seem to be not afraid of the police’s Tokhang and Double Barrel operations. Why is it that most of the victims of such campaign are the poor? Why is corruption still prevalent despite the tough and ambitious measures being done by our antigraft courts particularly the Ombudsman? Why is it justice for the poor is slow process to achieve? Why is it that economic disparity is widening between the rich and the? Why is it that a bailable offense like plunder seddenly become bailable? Why is it that a college diploma is not a passport to getting a job? It is now whom you know, not what you know to land a job nowadays? Why is it that those so called militants/progressive groups are biased against Uncle Sam and silent on China expansion on our West Philippine Sea? Why is it that despite the favorable decision by the world arbitration Tribunal on our claim of the disputed territories, we do not insist that it should be enforced? Is this an empty victory? Juan de la Cruz want-an answer to these particular, Relevant questions and to the general question What is happening to our country? Anyone? SANDIE VERDADERO Former Court Sheriff Naga City

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