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Man steals away P15,000 from Holy Cross Parish

By Juan Escandor Jr. NAGA CITY---An unidentified male who posed as parishioner of the Holy Cross Parish in Barangay Tabuco here has taken away P15,000 cash from its office last month, the parish priest told the Bicol Mail Tuesday. Fr. Felix Abaño, parish priest of Holy Cross, said it did not cross his mind that a chubby man who was dressed up decently was a theft until he saw the CCTV footage when they discovered the office in disarray. Abaño said he met and talked with the theft that day inside the chapel and even saw him kneeling and praying but to his surprise he was the guy who went inside the parish office based on the CCTV footage viewed last December. Abaño said the police cannot identify the robber based on the CCTV footage and told him that he was new and not among those in the rogue gallery of the police. He said another incident after the theft incident was a footage of someone who was taking photos of the CCTV cameras inside the chapel. He had reported the incident to the police. “It was really very suspicious that another man came after the theft incident and took photos of the CCTV cameras inside the chapel,” Abano said. He said they installed additional cameras to improve the monitoring of people coming inside the chapel and adopted some security measures to avoid the same incident.

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