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City to start a cattle breeding program

By Armie B. Gunay NAGA CITY --- The City Government of Naga, through the City Veterinary Office (CVO), will be purchasing breeding cows for interested and qualified livestock farmers in the city. Junios Elad, CVO Head, said they have noticed the decline in the number of cows being raised in the city, as confirmed by the Naga City Abattoir, which reported that most of the cattle being slaughtered for consumption by city residents come from nearby municipalities. Under the program, recipient farmers will be allotted heads of cows to be raised for two years until breeding. After which, the livestock farmer will have to return either the mother cow or the calf to the CVO so that the latter can entrust the cattle to the next interested farmer for raising and breeding, and so on. During the raising period, the CVO will be regularly monitoring the health of the livestock. The program aims to raise cattle population in the city while there are still lots available to serve as pasture lands, particularly in the upper barangays of the city and those help those farmers in the area find opportunity for added livelihood and income. The CVO will be coordinating with the MetroPESO in the processing of the documents of the interested applicants to the program.

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