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Good Morning Judge: The TRAIN Act

THE negative effect of the passage of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (R.A. No. 10963 or TRAIN Act) is now being felt as the prices of basic commodities, gasoline, kerosene and other articles of commerce begin to rise. The purchasing power of the peso has been depleted to a point that it could buy less goods and commodities, thus affecting the low-income families. While the proponents of the law argued that its passage would raise the salaries of those in the private sector employees, the meager raise, however, is gobbled up by the rise in prices of commodities. The opponents to the bill (which was bi-partisan) has warned of these possible effects but the Duterte administration legislators have nonetheless rushed the bill’s passage. Thus, in Feb. 7 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, it was reported that the “Philippines manufacturer of the international beverage brand Coca-Cola is laying off a still undetermined number of workers in a move that was widely seen as a result of the TRAIN Act or Republic Act No 10963, a centerpiece program of the Duterte administration.” In the same report, a labor research group places the number of employees to be laid off at 600. This writer will not wonder if in the coming months more employees would be laid off from their jobs. The choice is between the companies’ survival and the laying off of employees. The on-going Palarong Bicol hosted by the City of Naga has not only brought business near the site of the Palaro at Pacol and Carolina but has also propped up tourism in Naga. If one would go to the two malls in Naga, the SM and Robinsons, he would readily observe many visitors and athletes from the different parts of the region roaming around and on buying spree. This is indeed, good for the city. Anent the sports competition, latest unconfirmed reports claim that Naga City is leading the games with several gold and silver medals already earned by its student-athletes, including the para-Olympics for the PWDs. TRIVIA: Congratulations to the Knights of Columbus, Council 7995 for garnering the STAR COUNCIL award for 2017 Columbian Year. Sir Knight E. Delina is the incumbent Grand Knight of the council. On Saturday, December 10, the 37th Foundation Anniversary of the Council and fellowship-dinner among the officers and members has been scheduled at 6:00pm. This writer was once the Grand Knight of the Council years back. Hi to Rev. Fr. Peter Berina whom we met last February 3 in Iriga City. He used to be the Rector of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary here in Naga. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “COURAGE AND PERSEVERANCE HAVE A MAGICAL TALISMAN, BEFORE WHICH DIFFICULTIES DISAPPEAR AND OBSTACLES VANISH INTO THIN AIR.” JOHN QUINCY ADAMS FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVE DISCOVERED WISDOM, THOSE WHO HAVE ACQUIRED UNDERSTANDING! GAINING HER IS MORE REWARDING THAN SILVER, HER YIELD IS MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD.” PROVERBS 3:13-14

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