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MNWD Welcomes Palarong Bicol 2018

About 10,000 participants gathered at the Naga City Sports Complex in Pacol for the opening ceremony of the Palarong Bicol last February 4, 2018, Sunday. True to this year’s theme “Embracing ASEAN Integration: One Vision, One Identity, One Community in Achieving Liberating Education through Sports,” the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) pledged to stage a solid partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) Naga City Division and the local government unit throughout the event. Relative to this, MNWD is set in full command to support the program. Prior to the commencement of the sport’s affair, the District conducted an on-site inspection of the 13 Billeting Schools and three additional Centers designated to accommodate the participants as early as January 27 and 28 respectively. The MNWD made certain that the billeting centers have potable water in order to secure the health and wellness of the participants especially those schools that were identified to have concerns about water supply. On top of this, the MNWD also sees to it that water to be used for hygienic purposes is sufficient for the whole duration of Palarong Bicol. Further, MNWD set-up a water station at Naga City Sports Complex in order to ensure that the athletes, delegates, and other participants have access to clean and adequate drinking water until the 10th of February. The MNWD places immense regard to collective accomplishment as we achieve excellence through sportsmanship hence, the unrelenting commitment of MNWD to support Bicolano athletes and delegates. (Auria Gonzales)

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