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Post-Valentine Concert for senior parishioners

Senior parishioners of the Penafrancia Parish, including some other senior citizens, were treated to a free Post-Valentine Concert on Bikol Songs and Old Favorites by Virgil Claveria, a champion of Naga’s famed “Hagyanan sa Kabitoonan” of the 60’s, last February 18 at the Parish Hall, here. Virgil’s wife Monina sang with him some beautiful Bikol songs. Sponsored by the Penafrancia Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship (SPF), the mini-concert was among its monthly activities aimed at “gathering the senior parishioners at the Parish at least once a month, so that at their old age, they shall still feel part of the Parish Church.” Over the past 3 years, the Fellowship in cooperation with the local Tomasinong Bikolano and other private co-sponsors had conducted spiritual lectures, summer field encounters, socials, and the regular Elderly Health Lecture Series and Medical Missions, among others. Last January 28, the senior parishioners were treated to a gift-giving activity coursed via a no-money-involved Bingo socials. Winners of every game, regardless of number, each picked a prize from a gift pile according to their liking. Shown in photo are part of the attendees with guest artist Virgil Claveria (inset).

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