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Good Morning Judge: Justice Sereno’s travails

WE have it on good sources that there will be a new leadership in Congress once it re-opens after its Lenten Season recess. Our reliable source have it that the next House Speaker would be Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of Pampanga and no longer incumbent Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. We surmise this could be the effect of the verbal tussle between Davao City Mayor Sarra Duterte where the latter was supposed to have told Alvarez to quit the speakership and that she would campaign against Alvarez in Davao province in case the latter runs for governor in their province. I believe that Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would be an effective Speaker as she has a by-partisan support in the House. Unlike Alvarez whose power as Speaker has gone into his head, Congresswoman Arroyo has remained humble and low-key. More importantly, she belongs to the same party as President Rodrigo Duterte. This writer commiserates with the travails that on leave Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno is undergoing. It would appear that the impeachment proceedings against her is only a matter of time after the House Committee on Justice headed by Congressman Umali shall have collated all the documentary evidence against her and the impeachment charges referred to the Senate Committee seating as the Electoral Tribunal for hearing. If ever, Sereno would be the second Supreme Court Chief Justice who will undergo impeachment proceedings after the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona. In a televised interview of City Division School Superintendent William Gando, he proudly announced that all high schools in the city are not allowed to collect from parents and graduating students any contribution for graduation fees and other similar fees for graduation expenses. We have it on good source however, that contrary to the announcement of Superintendent Gando, teachers are collecting graduation fees from parents of graduating students on voluntary basis. TRIVIA: Tomorrow (Thursday, March 8) is International Women’s Day. As has been said, behind every man’s success is a woman. So congratulations to all the women of the world. Incidentally, the whole month of March has been designated as Women’s Month. On Sunday, March 11, the 4th Degree members of the Knights of Columbus, Mons. Jorge Barlin Assembly, will have its Recollection/Holy Retreat at the Holy Rosary Major Seminary starting at 8:00 a.m. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “LIVES OF GREAT MEN ALL REMIND US WE CAN MAKE OUR LIVES SUBLIME; AND, DEPARTING LIVE BEHIND US FOOTPRINTS IN THE SANDS OF TIME.” HENRY WOODSWORTH LONGFELLOW FOR OUR WORDS OF LIFE: “FOLLOW RIGHTEOUSNESS, FAITH, CHARITY, PEACE, THAT CALL ON THE LORD OUT OF A PURE HEART.” 2 TIMOTHY 2:22

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