ConCom allows only 2 relatives to run in poll

By Jelly Musico MANILA --- The Consultative Committee (ConCom) tasked by President Rodrigo R. Duterte to review the 1987 Constitution on Tuesday voted to allow only two relatives within the second degree of consanguinity and affinity to run in the same elections, but they can only run for one national post and one local position. In an en banc session, the 12 members of ConCom said only two relatives should be allowed to run in an election while six voted to allow them to run for only one position. De La Salle Dean Julio Teehankee, chairman of the subcommittee on political reform, said they devoted a large part of an over two-hour discussion in addressing multiple candidacy and multiple officials holding elected positions. “So this is quite complicated especially if there is no incumbent because who will be the reference point for the ban,” Teehankee told the media. Last Monday, the Concom voted to regulate political dynasties instead of banning them, while no family member will be allowed to succeed a relative in any elected position in all levels of government from national down to the barangay level. The Concom also approved on Monday that any relative of second degree of the President shall be prohibited from succeeding an incumbent President. “So (today) we have come to the conclusion that we must first address how many candidates should be allowed to run and then we decided to limit it to two: one national and the other for regional or for local with the option of which position,” Teehankee said. Teehankee added that the committee has decided to leave to Congress whether to extend the prohibition up to the third or fourth degree of consanguinity and affinity “but may not reduce the same.” “At least for the ConCom, we have done our part and we have crafted I believe the most reasonable and workable anti-dynasty provision that this country has been waiting for 32 years,” he said. Initially, seven members of have voted for one family member while eight of them chose two and three for three members to run in an election. Since the vote did not comprise a majority, the panel has decided to go for run-off vote.