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Angry Andaya video goes viral

By Juan Escandor Jr. NAGA CITY---Becoming viral with more than 83.3 thousand views and 2,165 shares five hours after it was posted in the Facebook on Friday, Camarines Sur First District Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. is shown threatening an employee of the Camarines Sur provincial government during an incident at the Pili Municipal Police Station on Wednesday (April 18) at about 4:00 p.m. Andaya did not deny the incident happened but said the video was spliced. Andaya was captured on the video shouting “Hoy gago. Matanda ka na. Tapos na ang araw mo” while he was forcing his way towards the door of the police station, where Camarines Sur Second District Rep. Luis Raymund “LRay” was staying. Later, Andaya appeared to wrap his arms around the neck of Lito Sumpay, a member of the Task Force Kalikasan who accompanied Villafuerte to the municipal police station to inquire on the report about provincial government employees were being harassed. Before leaving, he warned “Aabangan kita pare.” On Thursday, Villafuerte told the Bicol Mail he will file administrative and criminal complaint, complaint at the House ethics committee and disbarment case at the Supreme Court for the behavior Andaya demonstrated. “Natural yon. Ako naman ay hindi mahilig sa kaso. Kaya naming ayusin ito personal, kaming dalawa (It’s natural. I am not fond of filing case. We can settle this personally, the two of us (referring to Villafuerte),” Andaya said. Andaya said what was being talked about was the aftermath of the incident but the root cause of the incident was not being reported. He said the root cause of the problem was that the provincial government wanted to forcibly confiscate the lands of the farmers covered by the expansion of the Naga Airport in San Agustin, Pili, Camarines Sur. Andaya said that at about 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday members of Task Force Kalikasan dumped earth on the road where the farmers live and blocked their way. He said the provincial government is buying the land at P8 per square meter and the farmers are resisting. “That is the root cause of the incident, not that I behave badly and a bad person,” Andaya said. He said the child of Pili Mayor Tomas Bongalonta asked help from him because he said alleged Villafuerte’s armed personnel have surrounded the mayor who was supporting the farmers whose properties are subject for expropriation by the government. The farmers’ homes and properties lie on the path of the expansion area of the P3.4B Naga Development Airport Project approved by the Department of Transportation and National Economic Development Administration. Andaya said he went to San Agustin to help Bongalonta who is already old. “I went there and talked to the personnel who were guarding the three mounds of gravel and sand in the middle of the road. I was surprised there were 50 of them guarding that mound,” he said. Andaya said he told the provincial government personnel guarding the mounds of gravel and sand that they have no jurisdiction over the place because it must be under the mayor. After he warned the provincial government personnel, he said, they gave way, and then he proceeded to the Pili Municipal Police Office to turn over knives and bolos confiscated from Bongalonta’s personnel. “Unfortunately, Congressman LRay was there and he was challenging me to a fist fight in which I responded that we do it outside of the room,” Andaya said.” “He (Villafuerte) did not go out but instead stayed inside the police station and locked the door.” Villafuerte said he would file cases against Andaya because he hurt people and they have the video and they would submit medico-legal examination on the victims and affidavits of witnesses. “What he did was grave threat and physical injury against innocent people which must not be the behavior of a government official,” he said. Villafuerte said Andaya rushed to the place which is not even his district. Early this month, Andaya, last-term congressman, announced his intention to run against Rep. Villafuerte’s son, Miguel Luis, the incumbent governor of Camarines Sur. Villafuerte said the cases he would file would add up to the corruption case Andaya is facing at the Sandiganbayan for the Malampaya fund. “He (Andaya) is a violent person and the aggressor,” he said. Villafuerte said it was premeditated because even though Andaya knew that he was there the first district congressman still went there. From Press Release from the Office of Rep. LRay Villafuerte

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