La Bella Vita: What matters most

Czarina Imperial “Life’s a Bitch! Then you die.” The popular idiom is seen and heard everywhere, from songs, to movies, to bumper stickers, to t-shirts. It is said in frustration by downtrodden people. Indeed, life isn’t fair and life isn’t easy. We wake up to toil all day and wake up the next morning again to toil again, it’s a cycle of toiling and a bit of resting, a bit of playing, life for us ordinary people is a never ending back breaking struggle to make ends meet. For most of us, it’s the struggle to survive from payday to the next without begging, borrowing, or stealing to, well, at least put something on the table and have three square meals day. Be that as it may, in the little bit of in-betweens, we find that it is always better to look on the bright side of life and appreciate the things that matter most. Life itself is the best gift of all. Life is beautiful! And family, friends, faith, love, good health, freedom, music, books – these are what matters most to me, what are the things that matter most to you? Uniqlo in Naga The Japanese global casual apparel retailer Uniqlo LifeWear brand opened its first ever store in the Bicol Region at Robinson’s Place Naga on April 20. The opening caused quite a stir in the community because Uniqlo is one of the more popular and preferred brands of the fashion conscious, not only for its sensible but exciting line but also for its affordability. Housed on a whopping 800 square meter floor area and strategically located near the entrance of the mall, Uniqlo brings to the region its well-loved designs for women, men, kids, and babies. Uniqlo’s successful growth in the Philippines inspired the company to spread the clothing experience to more Filipinos, thus, the opening of the store here in Bicol. Masayoshi Nakamura, COO of Uniqlo Philippines spoke on the occasion of the opening, “Our dedication to provide innovative and high quality LifeWear pieces grows by the day with the overwhelming support we continue to receive since we first arrived in 2012. We are excited to announce the opening of the store to cater to every Filipino’s apparel needs in time for summer.” The new store displays the complete lineup of Uniqlo LifeWear. Everything is made with comfort in mind for everyone and everywhere. Uniqlo LifeWear after all, comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. The designs are elegant but will not break your wallet. Uniqlo guarantees the best in fit and fabric made to be affordable and accessible to all. What is not to like in Uniqlo? The full range of world-renowned Uniqlo proprietary technology clothing lines, such as Airism and Heattech are also available in their Robinson’s Place store. Que Pasa reopens The much missed Que Pasa, the restaurant and bar across the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral reopened its doors recently for lovers of delicious and historical fusion of Spanish-Filipino food. Que Pasa is now fully airconditioned and has a new array of forget-your-name-mouthwatering dishes such as paellas, Tapas, Gambas, Caldereta, Pollo Asado, Pollo a la Pecuaria, Ensalada, Churros con Chocolate, Pescado, and much much more. Aside from the very “Instagrammable” every nook and cranny of the restaurant, Que Pasa takes pride in its bar which offers a variety of cocktails and liquors sure to make people come back for more. Dining in Que Pasa evokes an experience of heritage and history between Spain and the Philippines, every bite of the food is a burst of flavor, goodness, and delight. Que Pasa is style and magic at the same time. And as one friend said, “I was thoroughly enchanted by the restaurant. I will see to it that I will bring everyone I love here, again and again.” For a more convenient dining experience because some dishes require longer preparation and cooking time, guests are encouraged to book their reservation thru or call 881-6134 I 473-3048 I 09301097554. Reviews and photo tags may be checked via their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram @quepasanaga. New Ice Cream Flavor The resto that is popular for its sili ice cream has a new ice cream flavor and it’s rockin’ good! 1st Colonial Grill launched the Carmelado ice cream flavor at the International Food Exposition, World Trade Center, Metro Manila on May 27. The carmelado ice cream is based on the famous Carmeldo candy from Masbate that tastes and looks like pastillas de leche. Carmelado’s main ingredient is fresh cow or carabao milk. Carmelado completes the AlMaSor ice cream flavors of the 1st Colonial Grill and Restaurant, sili ice cream for Albay, pili ice cream for Sorsogon, and the new carmelado is for Sorsogon. Owner Bong Aspe would like to thank Canaway Dairy Farm for the supply of fresh milk for the new ice cream flavor. Final Salute As I write this, I get the news of the passing away of a friend and colleague in the Press. It saddens me to learn that Ruben Babar, publisher of the Bikol Reporter, succumbed to a heart attack this morning. Godspeed Mang Ben, may you rest in peace. Thank you for everything. My prayers and condolences to Manay Belen and their only son.