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Good Morning Judge: Faith in the Rule of Law and Justice

YEARS back when my uncle, the late Brig. General Tomas B. Karingal was Chief of Police of Quezon City, he had the occasion to visit former Philippine Vice-President Emmanuel Pelaez at a hospital where the latter was confined for stab wounds inflicted by an assassin. While at the late VP’s bedside, the latter reportedly rhetorically asked my uncle thus: “What’s happening to our country, general?” Recent headlines in today’s national newspapers and radio and television reports would readily indicate that the same question could be asked as our country is faced with reported crimes of robbery, homicide and physical injuries committed daily. One such incident is the reported slaying of Prosecutor Madonna Joy Ednaco-Tayag, 33, who had just bought milk tea in Barangay Vasra along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City last Monday when she was stabbed thrice while getting into her car. She was rushed to East Avenue Medical Center where she died past noon. The QCPD described the incident as a “robbery gone wrong” after the suspect was arrested just a few hours after the commission of the crime. The prosecutor’s husband, Crisostomo Tayag, expressed faith in the “rule of law and justice” because of the speedy arrest of the assailant. Here at home, an alleged official report from the PNP Camp Crame tagged our Naga City as the number 39th most dangerous city in the country today. While the spokesperson of the Naga City Police Office and our local officials led by our hizzoner John Bongat disputed the report as misleading and without basis, we likewise believe that such is not the real score. Nonetheless, it is still prudent that we keep our residences and establishments secure. TRIVIA: The 4th Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus Mons. Jorge Barlin Assembly will have its annual election of officers this coming Sunday, May 10. There will be no other item in the agenda except the elections. The usual luncheon-fellowship will follow. Congratulations in advance and may the best men win. Belated condolence to the family of the late Ruben Babar, a veteran newsman and publisher of the Bicol Reporter. Kind, friendly and soft-spoken, Ben asked me to write a column for his paper months before he died. I am sure he will be missed by his friends in the media but we are comforted by the thought that he is now in the warm embrace of our Lord. Thru this column we wish to remind our fellow ICP members of the SLMHE (Lay Ministers) of our regular meeting today, Thursday, June 7, at 6pm at the ICP. Fellowship will follow after the meeting. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SAINT AND THE SINNER IS THAT EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST AND EVERY SINNNER HAS A FUTURE.” OSCAR WILDE QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “ALL RIVERS GO TO THE SEA, YET NEVER DOES THE SEA BECOME FULL; TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY GO, THE RIVERS KEEP ON GOING.” ECC. 1:7

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