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Crane’s boom falls on Quinale bridge undergoing construction

By Celso Amo LEGAZPI CITY --- A crane being used for widening the Imperial Bridge from two to four lanes at the Quinale River in Barangay Balza in Malinao, Albay slid from its foundation and its boom fell on top of the bridge, cutting traffic from Malinao to Tiwi towns in Albay Friday morning. Senior Inspector Athur Gomez, Malinao police chief, said the crane slid after its base was eroded by rampaging waters from the slopes of Mt. Mayon due to continuous heavy rain. No one was reported hurt on the incident. He said policemen had been posted at the site to guide traffic. The bridge was rendered unpassable to passenger jeepneys, buses and trucks although motorcycles and commuters could still pass through the bridge. Gomez said construction is on a fast pace on the various bridges in the first district of Albay as part of the widening project of the Department of Public Works and Highways to make it four lanes from just two so as to accommodate increasing volume of traffic in the area. DSD Construction is now sending more personnel and equipment to remove the crane’s boom from top of the bridge.

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