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BLIND SPOT: Crashing Against a Wall

In 1973, a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria, including Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Cuba (and since when did Cuba become Arab? Okay, they’re bedfellows.), supported by the Soviet Union, invaded Israel. Okay, I’ll cut the story short. Israel won in true David vs. Goliath fashion, just like a seemingly unrealistic underdog movie. But not all stories of this sort end in this way. “The US intimidated Australia from having diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba for many years. Similarly, the US attempted on various occasions to obstruct sales of various types of buses, aircraft, and RR engines to Cuba by the UK and Canada.” “A little over a century ago, the US sponsored a separatist movement in Panama, which claimed independence from Colombia. Colombia was going to send troops to stop the rebellion but Teddy Roosevelt parked a few war ships around Panama and the Colombian government backed down. The US then signed a deal with the new government, took over the land and the construction of the Panama canal, and completed it.” (’t that amazing? “Russia’s customs office has checked all goods entering Russia from Ukraine. This has led to long delays and heavy losses for the Ukrainian side. And, of course, Russia can always raise the price Kiev has to pay for energy. In neighboring Belarus, Russia had done its utmost to undermine Belaruskali, Belarus’s highly lucrative potash company, in a bid to take it over. Having so far failed, Russia has threatened to cut back its energy supplies to Belarus. In Georgia, Russia has considerable leverage, especially through its support for the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which have proclaimed their independence since the 2008 Russia-Georgia war.” ( We may not be aware of the standoff at the India-Bhutan-China trijunction “Several countries in Central Asia (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) and East Asia (Taiwan and Japan) have been forced by China to accept either its territorial claims or loans at high interest rates, with failure to repay resulting in China acquiring ownership of projects and land”.” “China’s land boundary disputes with India and Bhutan remain unresolved, disputes with most of the other neighbours have been settled in its favour. The unresolved maritime border issues are most serious for China amid competing claims of several littoral nations. Conditions in this regard pit China against eight littoral parties – Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan. China shares maritime borders with four countries – Japan and South Korea in the East China Sea and with the Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea.” ( “Malacañang would rather not antagonize China over its expanding military presence in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea as it sees the need to maintain good bilateral relations without compromising Philippine sovereignty.” This came in “China’s deployment of heavy bombers to one of the artificial islands in the South China Sea”, ( and “reports of the Chinese coast guard’s harassment of Filipino fishermen” This is the national state stand to the fact that “China said on June 12, that it has allowed Filipino fishermen to fish in Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) “out of goodwill.” Which casts shame over “the claim of Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano that the Philippines and China have forged a provisional fisheries agreement as equal parties in Panatag Shoal.” ( Okay, how do I put “scratching my head” in words? This column sincerely expresses deepest compassion to all bereaved parties in a tragedy which hit close to home. “An 8-year-old Grade 2 pupil in Naga City died after a car being driven by a councilor of Camaligan town in Camarines Sur province accidentally hit her in front her school.” “According to Naga City police, Jeanna Balatinsayo was crossing the street on her way to Sta. Cruz Elementary School in Barangay (village) Sta. Cruz when the Toyota Vios being driven by Dionely Dematera, 51, Camaligan councilor, ran over her around 12 noon. Balatinsayo was taken to the hospital but died while undergoing treatment.” ( It has been popular talk in sari-sari stores, jeepneys and barber shops of the unintentional disaster, pinning blame on child, driver, school, parents, natural human panic and automobile mechanics. It is remarkable that both parties seem to receive sympathy. It is simply heart wrenching for a child crashing to a beast of machine. Once again, this column offers a comforting hug to the honorable councilor and the parents. I hope you see the connection. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

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