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Good Morning Judge: Los Angeles Revisited

Starting this week and for the next three weeks we shall be sending our column from Los Angeles, California where we are taking our vacation for our usual visit to our children who are now residents of this beautiful country. We arrived LEX last August 15 via PAL after a tranquil 13.5 hours trip from NAIA flying at an altitude of 37 thousand miles above sea level. We usually come over at this time of the year as our three (3) grandchildren are on vacation from their school classes. One of them is in college (Berkley University), the other is in high school while the youngest is in middle school. Even before we arrived, they have already scheduled places for us to be visited including Washington D.C. which is a good five (5) hours flight from L.A. This will be the first time we will be visiting the place and am quiet excited about it. We also expect to re-visit places we have gone before like San Diego where my wife Minda’s sister is a permanent resident, and of course, the famous gambling capital of the world Las Vegas (hopefully I can make a winning either at baccarat or roulette.) This afternoon our daughter Tetsie treated us to a tour of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which is claimed to be the largest art museum in western United States. The brochure says that it is the only “ U.S. presentation of 82 portraits and 1 still-life by David Hockney with whom he has developed relations over the past 50 years” The brochure also claims that “majority of the portraits were painted over a period of two to three days, which the artist has described as a ‘20-hour exposure’. TRIVIA: Congratulations to the officers and members of the Knights of Columbus, Council 7995 headed by Grand Knight Henry on the 38th Installment of Officers and Directors/Chairmen of Service Personnel which was held last July 22 at our Council Chamber at Penafrancia Parish. Belated congratulations also to Rev. Fr. Goody J. Rueda our K of C parish chaplain who celebrated his Nth birthday anniversary last July. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “IN THIS LIFE WE CANNOT DO GREAT THINGS. WE CAN ONLY DO SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE.” MOTHER TERESA FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “NOW I AM GOING TO THE ONE WHO SENT ME, AND NOT ONE OF YOU ASKS ME, ‘WHERE ARE YOU GOING’ “. ACTS 16:22

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