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Sorsogon public market: Clogged dirty restrooms assailed

By Bobot Estropigan Laguna SORSOGON CITY --- Stallowners as well as the vendors and the general public using the comfort rooms at the Sorsogon public market are urging City Mayor Sally Lee to repair as soon as possible the clogged and dirty restrooms. They also lamented the failure of the market administrator to order utility workers to clean up daily the said CRs with soap and, from time to time, muriatic acid, restore light in some CRs and the water connections thereof. Water in the CRs is supplied by filling up the drums. No water flows from the faucets inside the cubicles as the connections thereof have been cut off to the consternation of the users. Worse is the foul odor sometimes engulfing the area where the general public buy fish and meat products. They said it is for the best interest of the public that the city government act with dispatch and solve immediately this perennial problem at the Sorsogon public market.

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