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Good Morning Judge: “Delicadeza” is Such a Lonely Word

THE dispatch with which the city administration of Mayor John G. Bongat ordered the dismantling of the stalls erected by the supposed leases surrounding Plaza Rizal shows how sensitive this administration is to public opinion. It will be recalled that the construction of the vending stalls around Plaza Rizal has been the subject of criticism not only by both print and broadcast media but by the general public and netizens as well as it derogates a hallowed ground and the memory of our foremost national hero Jose P. Rizal. The positive response of the city government to the clamor for the removal and transfer to other site of the stalls is indeed admirable. Just like the Plaza Rizal Monument in Metro Manila, Naga’s Plaza Rizal is a cultural heritage and should be treated with honor, respect and dignity. Perhaps, the Bongat administration might find it a food for thought to assign two Honor Guards at the plaza on daily basis where there would be changing of the guards every afternoon. By this, we will be sending a message to visitors and promenades how to honor one who has laid his life for his country. In a matter of days, all roads will lead to Naga as we celebrate the annual Feast of the Virgin of Penafrancia. We look forward to a peaceful Traslacion on September 7 and the traditional fluvial procession on September 15. Incidentally, we are in receipt of a communication from Atty. Elaine Gay R. Belen, IBP Governor for Bicol Region, that the Integrated Bar of the Philippines will have its Regional Convention here in Naga at Villa Caceres Hotel from September 12,13 and 14. Delegates not only from the five provinces of Bicol but from Metro Manila as well will be attending the affair. Obviously, the IBP leadership intends to give the delegates the opportunity to attend the Penafrancia fiesta as well. Supreme Court Chief Justice Teresita de Castro has recently assumed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after she was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte. Some sectors from the legal community (private practitioners, corporate lawyers and even lawyers in government) have expressed dissatisfaction over the appointment claiming that it was made as a reward for her having testified in the Senate hearing for the removal of her predecessor former Associate Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno. This is of course denied by the Palace thru presidential spokesperson Harry Roque. No matter how much denial is made by the Palace, the public perception is indeed, it was a reward. Indeed, “delicadeza” is such a lonely word! QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “UNLESS YOU ASSUME A GOD, THE QUESTION OF LIFE’S PURPOSE IS MEANINGLESS.” BERTRAND RUSSELL FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPE FOR; THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.” HEBREW 11:1

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