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GRANT: A self-taught water color artist

GRANT GANNABAN-O’NEILL is a PROUD NAGUENO who graduated from Ateneo de Naga with a degree in Political Science. His father is an employee of Philippine National Railways and his mother is from a family of lawyers, thus, his parents wanted him to follow the tradition and be a lawyer someday. In a twist of events, during his college days, he won a national competition for make-up set up by Jun Encarnacion, a famous makeup artist in the Philippines. After his graduation, he was hired by the latter. He worked with celebrities in Manila but moved back to Naga when Encarnacion died. He and his friends set up their own salon under their names. Grant wanted to do more with his life because he believes that learning should never stop. He chased a different path, he took a degree in nursing. Although his parents were very supportive of his plans, they cannot financially support Grant’s studies as they also need to send their other children to school. This didn’t become a hindrance for the hard-working Bicolano as he juggled his studies with his work to sustain his dreams. As a working student, he financed his studies by still working as a make-up artist. He then got successful in his endeavor and became a registered nurse. These professions became his stepping stones to his life in the UK. Moving to the UK was hard as he must live in a different culture, face new people and start in a place without friends. Unlike in the Philippines where he already made a name in the make-up industry, here, he started from scratch. His present career was not forestalled as he came in the UK to have his post-graduate study in nursing. By chance, he met fellow Filipinos in Brighton when he first arrived. There, he was dressing their hairs for a service considered as pay-what-you-can. He didn’t mind the price as he only needs to provide for his sustenance and at the same time help fellow Filipinos save their hard-earned money. Hairdressing for him that time wasn’t considered a profession as you need a license to become a professional hairdresser in London. He kept following his passion and when he had the chance to study for a career in makeup and hairdressing, he was ready to grab that opportunity. With the help of his partner, he was able to get that coveted diploma at London School of Media Makeup and Hair for Film, Television, Fashion, and Theatre. Now, he is running a salon inside a Home Care (Home-for-the-aged in Ph context) with a 150-bed capacity. Grant’s passion for nursing didn’t wane as he applied a nurse-care to the people there. He always remembers what the people of that place always tell him. According to them, they only look forward to two things in their stay in the home care. First is tea in the afternoon and, second, and on what they are excited about, is the magnificent hair-dressing service of Grant. That is, of course, with a touch of a caring nurse. Furthermore, to prove that learning never stops, Grant now do painting as a hobby. He is also planning to professionalize in this art to help charities. In fact, he will have an art exhibit on September 8, 2018 At Avenue Convention Plaza, in Naga City for the benefit of different charities. His plan in the future is to, someday, go back to his motherland where he can teach fellow Filipinos in hairdressing and making-up. He wants to reach out to those who have the potential but lack the means to pursue their dreams. He plans to develop his skills in painting in order to commercially sell his works and help charities. “The ingredients of success are hard work, perseverance, passion, and dedication. But the most important thing to do to achieve it is by ‘being always ready’ when an opportunity comes. In the right time, right place mixed with your positive attitudes, success will come to you. Let your experience be your teacher, whenever you fail, get up and make sure to learn from it”. – Grant

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