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WICKED WINKS: Of the Roman Empire and Dr. Gina Bordado’s Vindication

It was not a Roman who first coined this locution, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but a medieval French cleric in the 12th century who phrased it in French: “Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour”—which is an adage that simply means, it takes time to create something impressive. Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) located in the capital town of Pili, Camarines Sur, was recently bestowed with lofty Level IV rating by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)—highest among the nine (9) State Universities and Colleges (SUC) in entire Region V in terms of over-all ratings. This is such a tremendous feat for CBSUA as it dislodged the more prominent Bicol University, located in Legaspi City, which settled for second place with a Level III rating. This particular and impressive accomplishment was achieved during the term of Dr. Georgina J. Bordado, the first female President of CBSUA who was unjustly and unreasonably disqualified recently by its Board of Regents (BOR) for another four-year term. CBSUA, under her presidency moreover, became an ISO (International Standard Organization) compliant—one of few ISO certified SUCs with ISO 9001-2008 certification conferred by a prestigious ISO accrediting organization in the country. Like the glory of Rome, CBSUA’s momentous rise to the highest pedestal befitting a remarkable achiever as evidenced by its promotion to Level IV, did not happen overnight. The glory that CBSUA savors today is the result of Dr. Bordado’s untiring efforts in gradually building up the school’s capabilities and resources, laying down the foundation and paving the road for its triumphant performance. The most recent illustrious awards and accolades accorded to CBSUA are unquestionably attributed to her determined leadership when she was still at the helm. No one can deny her that—even those antipathetic to her style of management and those who disqualified her in the BOR, for they too now altogether relish the honor and recognition for a job well done. It is just imprudent as it is illogical, therefore, for the majority of the Board, after all these unprecedented exploits of Dr. Bordado which, by all means, surpassed all expectations to suddenly enforce a rule of their own making that transcends irrelevance to the accepted norms and practice for the sole purpose of preventing her from holding office for another term. For all pretext and hyperbolic reasoning of the majority of the Board, and for all intents and purposes likewise, the repudiation of Dr. Bordado’s reappointment contravenes their official acknowledgement and acceptance of the “Outstanding” rating given her by an independent Evaluation Committee headed by former BU and now president of UNC, by the affirmative 5-2 majority votes. Her unwarranted disqualification later by the same 5-2 reversal votes of the Board, and the subsequent holding of a dubious election for president is apparently viewed at this time as a dirty political maneuvering as opposed to an objective ruling anchored on the meritorious and notable accomplishments of Dr. Bordado. But politics has its own separate eyes and scheming politicians only see what benefits them. Retaining a distinguished and achiever President of CBSUA in the molds of Dr. Bordado is clearly not to their best interest especially when the person happens to be the better half of their political opponent (Dr. Bordado is the wife of Rep. Gabby Bordado of the third District of Cam. Sur) And yes, this seems precisely the kind of political meddling that is now slowly creeping in this purportedly great learning institution now sadly being exposed to decadence prematurely. The rise of the Roman Empire was slow and ferocious. It grew from a small town to become an empire. The long and triumphant reign of its first emperor, Augustus is considered the golden age of peace and prosperity. The rapacious politicians who took over after his demise disastrously indulged in brutal campaigns conquering more territories. They over stretched their greed and lost control. The Roman Empire saw the onset of its decline and eventual fall. The start of the golden age of CBSUA happened when it was elevated lately to the list of elite institutions with its latest rating. Let not the same rapacious politicians destroy it as it destroyed the great Roman Empire.

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