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NPA stands for Nuisance to People’s Advancement

LET me just point out some issues in the recent Masbate Port bombing incident initiated by the New People’s Army. To maintain the security in the port, we were forced to raise the security level in the port and re-evaluate the boat registry system. Operations of privately-owned pump boats were put on a standby status until the re-evaluation of the registry is finished to prevent similar occurrence of the recent bombing. Complaints from the fisher folks have been piling up regarding the standby order issued by the port management. The complaints stated that fishing is their only source of income and that the order is the same as killing their already starving families. However, the idea of almost dying from starvation against the idea of actually dying due to bombing leaves a rather obvious choice on the part of the management. It was merely temporary but even now that the operations have reverted to its normal state, the fisher folk sector still expresses its contempt on the action taken by the port management. Aside from the fisher folk sector, another considerable effect is the estimated P 1.1 million income loss of the said province from that incident alone. Ships bound to sail out were ordered to stay put resulting to the province incurring losses. An estimate of about 300 passengers were left stranded due to the delay in the Pioduran-Masbate and Pilar-Masbate trips. The stranded passengers were not allowed to stay in the port area for the possibility of bombs having been placed around other areas of the port which aggravated the passengers even more, particularly those passengers coming from the farther parts of the province and has no place to stay in the city. These actions of the NPAs are merely a nuisance to the people. The claims of this group is their fight with the government for the sake of the Filipino people, ft is just hard to believe in such claims when the words are contradictory to its actions. Having noble intentions doesn’t equate to justice. After all, the destination of the journey is not all that counts, the path taken is as equally important. NAME WITHHELD UPON REQUEST Brgy. Bapor, Masbate City (PPA-Masbate Employee)

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