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PET favors Leni Robredo on use of 25% threshold in vote recount

MANILA --- Vice President Leni Robredo emerged victorious after the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) ruled in favor of her in a long-standing battle for vice presidency against former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

In a resolution dated September 18, the poll tribunal sided with Robredo approving the use of 25% ballot shading threshold in the recount of the votes in the 2016 polls.

The decision was a deadlock for Marcos who was pushing for a 50% shading threshold.

Marcos claimed that the Comelec did not declare any change in the shading rules, but the poll body maintained that it issued a resolution to implement a change in the threshold. This, the poll tribunal upheld.

The Supreme Court (SC) acting as the PET said: “From the foregoing, for purposes of the 2016 elections, the fifty percent (50%) shading threshold was no longer applied. It is likewise clear however that a new threshold had been applied.” – UNTV News and Rescue

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