Retired seafarer eyes mayoral post under ‘Kusog Bikolandia’

By Rhaydz B. Barcia STO. DOMINGO, Albay --- A retired veteran international seafarer for 21 years eyeing for mayoral post in this town has joined Kusog Bikolandia, a new breed of political organization in Bicol. Noel Estillomo, 59, a retired seafarer and owner of Costa Palmera Resort in Sto. Domingo town will throwing his hat in political ring for the first time in the upcoming local polls ashe links up with up with businessman’s Noel De Luna’s Kusog Bikolandia political party. Estillomo officially joined the Kusog Bicolandia political party with the presence Kusog Bikolandia chairman Noel De Luna along with his organized political leaders in 23 barangays of this town. De Luna, a former mediaman now the president of Wellconstruct Inc., led the oathtaking of Estillomo and other new members here. Kusog Bikolandia’s tagline, With its battlecry, “Bikolanong Burunyog, Rehiyong Makusog!” Kusog Bikolandia seeks to unite Bicolanos from the six provinces in the region through electoral reform and aggressive vision for regional development. The Kusog Bikolandia’s candidate for mayor post will be facing off against the leadership of long time politician Mayor Herbie Aguas’s camp in the upcoming 2019 local polls. Estillomo, a simple and soft-spoken guy, was named as 2018 OWWA’s Model Family for sea based migrant worker. He was a chief mate next to captain or second in command of tanker and cargo ships for 21 years on the high seas sailing across the globe but willing to spend his hard earned money to change the political landscape in this town. When asked what prompted him to run in local polls and spend his hard earned money for local political intramurals, Estillomo said that he wants to give back to the people of what he had accomplished in life by providing better services to the public which was neglected by the present administration here. “It’s time to give back. I’m not fighting to anybody as I’m just trying to re-apply what I’ve have learned from other countries. A line of fire that can provide light in the dark, you may have millions but we can do something for the betterment of the people here,” he said. He said he wants to provide better services to the people specifically basic services like water which has been the problem of the people in the locality for so many decades now. Another priority program or part of his platform of government is the proper garbage disposal, environment and tourism to provide livelihood to the people in this coastal town. “There’s always a renewal. It’s gonna be a new day. I’m laying out myself to the people as new breed of leader after spending my life in the seas,” he said. In a dialogue with his political leader in the barangays held at Costa Palmera Beach Resort, Estillomo said that he is not interested in public funds for his own interest as he is already rich. “Hindi ako magpapayaman dahil dati na akong mayaman” (I will not enriched myself as I’m already rich). Together we can do something for a change and pursue development in Sto Domingo if you give me a chance to lead,” Estillomo told his leaders.