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Magtuto to introduce reforms in Bagong Partido

NAGA CITY --- Amidst the many black propaganda hurled against Nonoy Villafuerte Magtuto, the businessman has remained calm, cheerful, and optimistic that he and his local leaders would gain the votes of the Partido district in next year’s election.

In various Facebook postings, he and his political allies have been seen carrying the samhod. “Naisip mi kayang masarig an samhod na gibo sa Lagonoy asin Presentacion asin marahay man nanggad ining gamiton sa paglinig kan satuyang distrito.”

Magtuto and his allies vow to clean the whole district from the ati kan Partido, which is obviously a strong albeit humorous campaign message against former Tigaon Mayor Arnie Fuentebella, who is running under the slogan, aki nin Partido.

While Magtuto expects that his political opponents would also make issues against him, the businessman has simply dismissed all these allegations against him as fake and unproven in any court.

In an informal interview, he clearly expressed his sentiments that he has nothing to be afraid considering that he knows that public office is a public trust. He further argued that as a businessman, he has learned through all these years that people’s trust is the most important thing that he can earn from his employees, “Mayo man po akong dapat ikatakot sa mga kun ano-anong isyung ginagapo samuya. Sa negosyo nyamo, transparent an gabos na dokumento. An gabos bastante asin kontento an sakuyang mga empleyado. Yan an tatak Magtuto. Asin ako bilang aspirante naka-focus sana sa mga gusto nyamong gibuhon sa Partido asin iyan an matawan ta nin tultol na serbisyo an mga tawo sa kuwatro distrito,” said Magtuto.

Instead of fear, Magtuto believes that his team Bagong Partido offers dynamism and hope and would immediately take the reforms particularly after the Malacañang Palace has ordered the abolition of the Partido Development Administration (PDA).

Magtuto described the PDA as a complete failure— for the agency has unable to deliver the basic services to the people especially the poor in Partido area which is grossly identified as the poorest district in Camarines Sur.

The aspiring congressman laments that the office has been badly mismanaged because of escalating overboard expenses due to political accommodation and the lack of foresight among its administrators.

“Nakakamundo po na an isyu kan PDA ginagamit tanganing maribong an tawo sa totoong naging dahilan nin desisyon kan Palasyo. Kaya kami odok sa boot an pangapodan para sa sarong pagkakataon nganing matanon nyato an mga remalasong ini asin magkaigwa kita nin Bagong Partido.” Magtuto also clarified that it is not true that the water system in Partido will be cut-off due to the executive order. “Magbasa po kita kan dokumento na hali sa Palasyo asin mayo duman nabanggit dapit sa pagputol nin serbisyo nin tubig. Dai po kita magpadara sa mga panananakot na ini. Sa administrasyon nyato, sisigurudahon tang barato, malinig asin mabulos an serbisyo kan tubig sa bilog na Partido.”

For Magtuto, this recent decision of the national government to abolish the PDA, confirms his belief that Partido needs a radical change in leadership that would introduce quality reforms in the fourth district particularly in agriculture, environmental protection, livelihood programs, health and education, and a program for the senior citizen.

While he believes that his top priority would be his district, the aspiring congressman is also excited to enact and support the legislative agenda his fellow representatives would propose in the lower house especially those issues that are close to his heart like the pro-environment policies, poverty alleviation, and economic development in the rural areas.

Magtuto, who has been an active member of civic and business groups in the province, is bent on carrying out these reforms that would concretize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to the grassroots levels. “Sa paglibot ko sa 299 na barangay, mayong tultol na sistema nin patubig asin kuryente. So, ano an sinasabing puputlan nin tubig an Partido, kun mayo pa ngani ni sarong tubo an nakaabot sa mga barangay? Imbes na magparapanraot kita, itao ta an tamang impormasyon sa tawo, kun ano an totoo, ” challenged Magtuto.

Last week, after he filed his certificate of candidacy, Magtuto was seen to be in full support to all his local leaders as he was present in their own respective filings. “Gusto kong mamatian kan mga alkalde asin mga lideres nyato, na si Nonoy Magtuto, kaiba ninda, ta an kapangganahan ko po, kapangganahan kan bilog na Partido.”

One Facebook user commended the aspiring congressman for this act and described it as a true sign of who Partido needs at this particular time and that is the leader who embodies vision and solidarity among local leaders and inspires his people to move towards the pagbabago. kc

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