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Bicolanos support Leni’s Laylayan Koalisyon

By Rhaydz B. Barcia

LEGAZPI CITY --- Bicolanos from all walks of life are in full support of Vice President Leni Robredo’s Laylayan Koalisyon that can bring genuine transformation and better services to the marginalized sector of our social spectrum.

Erasto Cleofe of farmer’s association in Albay said that the launching of Rodredo’s Laylayan Koalisyon in Bicol is the new hope that could bring in real change.

“Laylayan Koalisyon is the new hope and new tomorrow for all of us. So we need to unite. We can make a President as our numbers is greater than the middle class,” Cleofe told a crowd of some 1,000 people during the launching of the Koalisyon at the Ibalong Centrum for Reacreaton here Sunday (Nov. 28) evening.

Eva Valenzuela, provincial chairman of Senior Citizen in Albay also urged the Bicolanos to unite for Laylayan Koalisyon of Robredo as it brings new day for Filipinos, including the so-called millennial.

“I’m a retired public school teacher. As your chairman of senior citizens organization in the provincial level, let’s unite for Laylayan Koalisyon. Your decision today will affect the future of our country,” Valenzuela said.

“We’re the power because we will guide the youth. To our fellowmen, let’s stand up. Your vote in this coming election is crucial for the betterment of our country,” she said.

Valenzuela also asked Robredo to look into the enacted senior citizens law -- RA 9994 – which provides that all persons upon reaching 60 years old should be given monthly pension even without membership in the Social Security System as majority of the elderly belongs to the marginalized sector who could not afford to buy medicines for maintenance.

The president of indigenous people (IPs) in Albay, Margarita Jacome, told Robredo of their plight and need for potable water and power and light services in their communities.

In response, Robredo said that the Laylayan Koalisyon will continue to listen and give voice to the voiceless among the marginalized communities of the country.

“This is our purpose in launching the Laylayan Koalisyon to listen to your needs and aspirations and be part of our decision making. We need one voice to be heard. We politicians should listen to you because our power emanates from you,’ Robredo said.

Robredo said that through Laylayan Koalisyon she wants to walk with the people and work together to address the ill-effects of inflation, especially here in Bicol that has the highest inflation rate across the country.

“The power is in your hands, not in the hands of the politicians. This coming election let’s vote the right candidates,” the Vice President said.

Various marginalized groups in Bicol signed with Vice President Leni Robredo a manifest for unity under the Laylayan Koalisyon.

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