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Spooky school stories: Bicol University edition

By Lea Boringot

The Bicol Universitarian

LEGAZPI CITY --- Built in 1969, Bicol University has an almost paradoxical charm: it is in the capital city but has a backdrop of trees and mountains.

Consistent with this mixed urban-rural appeal, this tranquil haven for the scholars of Albay also has its fair share of spine-chilling stories of the paranormal, from creatures of myth to urban legends, passed down from one generation of BUeños to another.

CenTree’s kapre

Old school they may be, but classic mythological creatures like the kapre exist in BU’s trove of paranormal stories.

These tree giants are said to dwell in balete trees, but BU’s resident kapre has supposedly found a different abode: a century-old acacia tree called by BUeños as the Centree, located in the Commencement Grounds near the university’s Four Pillars. According to stories, the Centree’s kapre is 12 feet tall, hairy, and with heavy dilated eyes. Witnesses claimed they saw it smoking a tobacco pipe while sitting on the tree’s branches. It didn’t end well for the kapre however, as its home was unfortunately uprooted during Typhoon Glenda in 2014.

Nobody knows whatever happened to the big guy, but some still claim that it has never abandoned the spot where the Centree once stood, and that its shadow can be seen near the Four Pillars at night.

Ghost of CS Building 2

A female ghost, about 18 to 20 years old, is said to be roaming around Building 2 of the College of Science. According to stories, there are times when she can be seen passing by the washroom’s mirror, sitting in classes, or just hanging out at the computer laboratory.

An encounter between this lady ghost and a student supposedly happened recently. An IT freshman was busy programming in a make-up class on the opening day of BU Week when her computer suddenly shut down, even though there was no power interruption that day. Her professor saw her and told her to just continue working on her task, and offered his computer.

After class, her professor told her why he let her use his computer. He said that earlier, he saw a woman standing beside her. “Yung babaeng nakatayo sa likod mo, pinatay ‘yung computer mo (The woman behind you turned off your computer),” he said.

College of Nursing

Just recently, a supposed alumni of the College of Nursing shared a creepy experience on Facebook using the pseudonym Nightingale’s Diadem. She said she was a freshman when the incident happened, and had classes in the building until 8 pm. One night, as they were about to go home, she asked her friends to wait for her in the lobby as she had to go to the toilet.

As she washed her hands, the cubicle doors suddenly swung open. The student just shrugged it off and headed to the lobby to rejoin her friends. She then saw her friend “J” in front of the Hospital/RLE Room talking to herself. Upon seeing her, J, who looked pale and mortified, asked her to go to the Cathedral of San Gregorio Magno.

After praying, J claimed to have seen a girl who looked and dressed exactly like her, but without a philtrum. This doppelganger supposedly talked to J in Spanish, saying: “I like her. Your friend in the comfort room, she’s beautiful.”

The same anonymous alumni also claimed an encounter with the ghost of a Spanish insular (full-blooded Spaniard born in colonies) and a young lady asking for help in the same building.

MP Building

The multi-purpose building is the setting of a diverse collection of horror stories.

One story is about a ghastly baboy ramo (wild boar) that supposedly caused some students to trip and fall in the 4th floor of the building. Some claim they heard this boar wail in the hallway. Also dwelling on the 4th floor of the MP building is the so-called “Pajama Girl,” the ghost of a small girl who is said to be looking for someone to play with. Sometimes, she is seen carrying a ball.

On the 3rd floor of the building meanwhile, student journalists are often warned not to use the ladies’ toilet when doing overnight press work. According to some, this toilet is haunted by a female ghost who was a rape victim. Some claim hearing cries and heavy breathing from inside the toilet, and some claim even seeing her reflection on the mirror. Meanwhile, on the 2nd floor, a female ghost with long and straight dark hair is said to roam along the hallway dressed in white.

Perhaps the most notorious of all haunted rooms in the MP is Room 307.

According to some students, the ghosts of a young girl and young boy are often seen playing in the room. By sitting inside Room 307, students claim to be able to hear giggles and small footsteps padding around the classroom. On rare occasions, chairs were seen moving by themselves. There are variations to this story: some say these kids’ faces are smeared with blood, while some say their eyes are red. Some also say that the presence of these kids can also be felt in Room 312 or 313.

Are you a BUeño with a spooky story to share? Let us know in the comments below! –

This article was written by The Bicol Universitarian, the official student publication of The Bicol University in Legazpi City, Albay.

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