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NCCA, PIA promote indigenous heritage thru photo exhibits

By Danica D. Caballero

LEGAZPI CITY --- With the aim to empower indigenous communities, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Philippine Information Agency Regional Office V (PIA ROV) opened a week-long photo exhibit dubbed as “Of Natives and Narratives: Empowering Indigenous Communities, Promoting Luzon Cultural Heritage” last September 29 at the Ayala Mall in Legazpi City.

The exhibit which was the initiative of the NCCA and PIA Luzon regional offices promoted the importance and richness of the culture and heritage of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in Luzon as part of the celebration of the Indigenous Peoples Month in October.

Benilda Recebido, OIC regional director of PIA ROV, in her opening message said that photo exhibit promoted deeper awareness and appreciation of the intangible cultural heritage while empowering IP communities.

“The NCCA and PIA forged partnership in the promotion of culture, heritage and art. The exhibit is already the phase 2 of the project of NCCA and PIA in promoting Luzon Cultural heritage,” she said. PIA focal person for NCCA Luzon Cultural Projects, Rosalita Manlangit, said that the project aims ensure the widest dissemination of the culture and heritage, use of the artistic and cultural products and preserve the heritage and traditional culture and various creative expressions as a dynamic part of national cultural mainstream.

“The photo exhibit will provide awareness and appreciation to the public on the lives and culture of IPs“, she added.

The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Bicol though its Chief Administrator, Rolando R. Cea extended its appreciations to PIA and NCCA for the initiative of pushing for a unique activity that will uplift and promote the social welfare and rights of IPs in the region.

“We should let our IP brothers and sisters that we care and we are here for them,” he said.

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