When your Samsung 7 flashed greetings such as “Happy Easter, Madame”, what will be your answer? Are you ready to politely greet him back and be appreciative of what he has done or will you look at the name of the sender and continue scrolling if the ‘face’ did not sound familiar? The thing, you are a man.

Duh! Appreciation has been and should have been the course of the day because we are human beings, mingling with and knowing people who seem to wear masks or seem to be faceless. Anyway, there are also people who do not want our very existence.

As a teacher, I took it as a challenge. Though it may not be seen in my tough face, I appreciated polite gestures and words of my co-teachers and fellow workers. In everyday dealings, I think before I utter words, though they say that my utterances are daggers that hurt their sensibilities. I say words that are only of great relevance. Ironic is, I appreciate things which do not appeal to my sensibilities but are essential to them. I should say that each person is important and each has something to say and share a point or two. Desiderata would reiterate: “Even the ordinary person has a story to tell.” That is, appreciation is imperative. Pride is not swallowed if appreciation is rendered and resides in our beings. Being appreciative of people or of the things they have done are polite gestures of our being men for others.

As a teacher, I wholeheartedly perform my task. Not half-hazard. Not half-baked. I shun away from mediocrity for I know I can make things better. Even great. I appreciate what I am doing because I know what I am into. What is my goal? To rid myself of the shares of the past failure.

Appreciation begins in me. I should be able to appreciate my worth as a teacher and leader.For me, appreciation causes cerebral manipulations to yield quality results. By example, I have to teach the children.