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Encouraging Teachers to Work for PromotionEncouraging Teachers to Work for Promotion

Teaching is a life-long learning. Even teachers learn from their students. Teachers sacrifice a lot to give students what they need to be globally competitive. The skills, knowledge, and experiences they need. Teachers as “students’ second parents”, they devote most of their time and effort just to learn the students. Teachers are considered as shaper of the community. But don’t you think after all the sacrifices and hard works, some of them were left behind in terms of their professional and personal advancement…like promotion.

Promotion is an opportunity for the teachers to uplift their status…professionally, morally, spiritually and of course, financially. Promotion is not bad to think of it. It is not a selfish thought. Teachers need this. It is also a proof that you are accepting challenges in field of teaching. Promotion needs higher complexity in the job, and as a teacher you must ready for that. But why is it that some teachers retired as Teacher I? I am not saying that they do not grow professionally, but what is the reason behind this scenario. Is there no opportunity for them? Are they not after the additional compensation that they will receive? Or are teachers not aware of the criteria needed in the promotion?

Whatever may be the reason for this, I would say to every teacher that we need this. This is part of our personal development. I can see the diligence and the sacrifices of the teacher. Let us not waste our time for not compensating our hard works. Let us document all our efforts if not now, at least for future use when the opportunity comes.

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