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Mobilization is a process that motivates men to work. Any endeavor which made people submit themselves to a particular process is mobilization. All able-bodied persons are to come forward and put their effort on the line. Just like Nehemiah, a sensible leader, was able to employ all available people in the work force- men and women, young and old- to build walls.

Therefore, mobilization shall be part of leadership skills that shall be instilled in the mind and be owned by the soul of a leader. This is the leader of the organization. This is the leader of people, capable of motivating and pushing his subordinates for them to be capacitated for higher achievements and greater gains. Mobilization is the task and act of a leader such as I. Everybody in the organization, then, contributes to combat and defeat mediocrity in an organization such as the school. Teachers, for example, are mobilized to achieve results and this is evident with the high performance of students in the National Achievement Test results and the Exit Assessment of Senior High School students. Likewise, teachers are also ought to mobilize their students to offer better learning through high performance and competency. That is, learners are able to know and be acquainted not only with the basic knowledge offered by books but also with life’s experiences. Mobilization is such a necessity so as adolescents acquire experiences relevant to their needs as social, feeling, and rational human beings.

People, such as the students, have to be pushed to move and work to achieve success for them to propagate their own beliefs and vision. It is so exciting to dream of total mobilization for it achieves cooperation and perfect unity among its people, no matter how tedious and long the process is.

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