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Motivation has been the driving force so as a person gets going in being alive and in understanding life. If motivation runs out of his system, he will have a miserable life ahead of him, if not, he will suffer from the things he is not familiar with or has not known yet. Worse, he ends up blaming himself for the misfortune that he is going through.

In order not to be absorbed with the aforementioned dilemma, he, as a leader and teacher, shall clearly define the problem of the school. Definition of the problem necessitates the recognition of the shortcomings, need, and potential of the organization and this reality will be the driving move for the organization’s motivation.

A school as an organization shall be governed by a motivated leader who has the much-needed values necessary in changing people’s actions. He gets them to do something that is not being done before, all for the improvement of the school and the students’ acquisition of knowledge and skill.

This kind of motivation also keeps me purposely driven in whatever thing I do. This motivation is the force that directs my reasons for sensibility and adherence to things that are right in spelling success. Understanding motivation is a prerequisite for me to manifest leadership for without it, I am doomed to nothingness, to failures, to the accomplishment of goals which are not properly well-placed, to effect innovations and changes that are detrimental to my subordinates.

Whatever I do, I carry myself bags of motivation to achieve learning among the students. I have to motivate my students to do things that are not done before in spelling difference that makes the organization alive, existent, and essential. I may fail. My failure is also a failure of the organization. If failures cannot be avoided, it should have been counted and considered as part of my motivation for me to strive more for better results because these outputs are actually the very goal of a motivational leader.

Motivation sets my direction. It shall always be for the goodness of the people in the community. All, whether principal, teacher, or personnel shall have this driving force to go on for the good of both the organization and the leader. For, I still believe in the philosophy that an unexamined life (including life’s motivation) is not worth living.

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