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Political Assassinations

WILL this coming midterm election be another bloody episode in the electoral process in our country? This rhetorical question is foremost in the minds of our countrymen as we hear broadcast and print media reports of politically related/motivated killings in some parts of our country. Reports are that despite the election ban where the carrying of firearms is prohibited, there are no less than 200 incidents of such killings. We need not go far if we have to consider the assassination of Bicol Party-List Representative Rodel Baldo. Reportedly, the alleged assassin, Mayor Darwin Baldo of Daraga, Albay has recently been captured by elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the PNP Regional Command in Albay and is supposed to be detained at the Regional Headquarters in Albay but had to be rushed to the Albay Regional Teaching and Training Hospital when he allegedly suffered asthmatic episode. A TV report last night (Wednesday, January 23) shows the various calibers of handgun and ammunitions found at Baldo’s residence by virtue of a search warrant issued by an RTC Judge in Legazpi City.

HARD TO BEATHE. Murder suspect Mayor Carlwyn Baldo of Daraga, Albay is rushed to the hospital after complaining of difficulty in breathing while inside his detention cell following his arrest for illegal possession of firearms. FROM THE FB WALL OF JINKY TABOR

We are happy to note however, that in Naga City, there has been no report so far of any election related violence. This is quite true despite reports that some barangay captains are catapulting to the bandwagon of mayoralty candidate Tato Mendoza. Some of Naga’s electorate concede Mendoza is a pure-blooded Nagueno as against mayoralty contender Nelson Legacion who is a native of Buhi, Camarines Sur. In 3rd District (Partido), the bailiwick of the Fuentebella family, two family members are aspirants for municipal elective posts, to wit: Jobi Fuentebella who is the incumbent Municipal Administrator as Mayor of Sangay and Chiqui Fuentebella who is running for re-election as Mayor of Tigaon. Arnie Fuentebella will be running for Congressman of the 3rd District in place of his father Noli Fuentebella. Another member of the Fuentebella clan, former Provincial Board Member Manuel F. Llaguno is trying his luck for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan representing the 3rd District. It would seem that Compadring Noli will just serve as the Kingmaker. TRIVIA: Belated birthday greetings to my good friend Grace Repama Inocentes of DWNX who celebrated her Nth birthday anniversary last January 18th. Condolence to the bereaved family of Myrna Ann Paglinawan who passed away after a lingering illness. She is the spouse of my fellow Lay Apostolic Minister of the Immaculate Concepcion Parish Abel Paglinawan. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “ONE PERSON COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND EVERY ONE SHOULD TRY.” JOHN F. KENNEDY FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “LISTEN, MY SON, TO YOU FATHER’S INSTRUCTION AND DO NOT FORSAKE YOUR MOTHER’S TEACHING.” PROVERBS 1;18

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