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Bishop-elect of Daet meets the press

NAGA CITY --- Most Rev. Rex Andrew Clement Alarcon, DD can only express gratitude for the series of events that has unfolded in his priestly life from the very start that he decided to enter the seminary until the time that he was called to serve the Diocese of Daet as its new steward. In a press conference dubbed “Bishop- Elect Rex Meets the Press,” held Monday at the Archbishop Residence’ Gazebo, Tuesday here, Alarcon once again sent out his words of thanks to the members of the media who have been his constant partners during significant occasions in the city, such as the holding of the annual Marian activity every September, the feast of Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia. “The responsibility of being a Bishop is not just about honor- it’s about responsibility,” Bishop-elect Alarcon uttered, while associating it with his chosen motto, “ServusTuus Sum” which means “I am your Servant.” Alarcon emphasized that he is “guided with an aspiration to preach the good news and bring to the people the fullness of life.” “Although it is not easily understood by us, but this is the message that is entrusted to us- to bring the good news and to bring hope to each and everyone. I took that by heart while serving the Archdiocese of Caceres and that I will continue in this new task given to me. The one I have now is just the same with my past work – assisting the Archbishop, then in the school and now, this task – I call it providence,” Alarcon expounded. The Bishop-elect also asked the media to contemplate on their role based on two choices – which is either to comply or to contribute, the first which only speaks of mere compliance for a task to be done or contribute which means that we not only think of ourselves, but also of the good we can do to our family, to the community, to the church or to the institution where we belong. “I believe when we do so in the spirit of sincerity, justice and charity, there will be fulfillment in us. Dream reality – it is when we contribute from our poverty, when we contribute from our weakness, that’s when we feel the real essence of genuine happiness,” he added. Alarcon was born in Daet, Camarines Norte which will now be his new assignment as its Bishop, the post being vacated or termed as sede vacante for the past 2 years. The term refers to the “Episcopal see of a particular church and especially that of the papacy.” Aside from his degree in Philosophy, Alarcon also have other degrees up on his sleeves; Bachelor in Sacred Theology, Licentiate and Masteral in Theology. He also took his Licentiate in Church History in Gregorian University in Rome. (LSMacatangay-PIAV/Camarines Sur)

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