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DepEd braces vs measles in Palaro

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Department of Education (DepEd) in Bicol has already formulated safety nets to prevent possible measles breakout in the weeklong duration at least a week ahead of the big sports events in Palarong Bicol next week in the island province of Masbate.

PALARONG BICOL VS MEASLES. DepEd Regional DirectorGilbert Sadsad ensures that preventive measures are in place to guard atudent athletes against measles attack in Palaro. PNA PHOTO

In a press conference on Monday, DepEd regional director Gilbert Sadsad said DepEd Bicol took the effort to ensure healthy and safe environment of the athletes and other participants during the event. “To prevent that (measles), every medical officer of divisions is instructed to check athletes before going to Masbate, kung meron ng symptoms at lagnat wag ng isama” (if symptoms of measles and fever are present, athletes will not be allowed to participate in the event)”, Sadsad said. Sadsad added that during the event, every billeting school is designated with quarantine area for possible case and nurses and medical officers will be on duty 24/7. “Athletes are advised after every competition to report immediately to the school/billeting school to prevent getting any airborne disease and that they should wash their hands every day,” the director added. He said that after the Palaro, all participating athletes and delegates will be quarantined for 5 days to check and observe their health status. “We have to ensure the safety of the students from Masbate and until they return to their respective homesin the provinces,” he said. Based on DepEd monitoring, no single case of measles has yet been reported to their office. “Also, DepEd Masbate, together with the local government of Masbate assured the public that the athletes for these events are all vaccinated,” he added. The 2019 Bicol Regional Athletic Association (BRAA) meet will kick off at the Masbate Sports Complex on Sunday, where some young athletes from all over the region will participate in the annual regional sporting event. The regional sports meet serves as venue to choose the region’s best athletes to the Palarong Pambansa with the theme, “Braving Waves, Honoring Change.”

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