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Breastfeeding makes babies immuned from diseases

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Department of Health (DOH) regional office here is prompting mothers with babies below 6 months old to do exclusive breastfeeding to fight diseases, including measles.

Dr. Monrey Isaiah Mancilla, DOH regional Immunization Program coordinator, in an interview on Tuesday said breast milk is best for babies in fighting all kinds of diseases.

“Ang breast milk ay may malaking tulong sa immunity ng mga sanggol, ito ay mayroon anti bodies kontra measles kaya ang mga sanggol ay may resistance sa lahat ng sakit at ang tawag doon ay passive immunity (The breast milk has a great help in infant immunity they have anti-bodies against measles that would give the infant the resistance against many diseases, It’s called passive immunity)”, Mancilla explained.

Mancilla added that babies who are not breastfed have higher chance to be infected not just by measles but other contagious diseases.

“The breast milk contains lots of nutrients essential for the growth of an infant specially the Colostrum, a nutrient-rich fluid produced immediately after giving birth loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factor must be intake by babies” he said.

Mancilla added that breast milk is a complete vaccination for an infant below 6 months old.

“Compared to formula milk, we prefer to give and advocate breast milk since aside for the protection and nutrients it can give, it is very economical.” He said.

Mancilla explained further that sharing breast milk is safe for babies.

“Kung maubusan ng breast milk, pwede naman mag share basta sigurado na walang sakit ang pagkukonan, since possible ma transfer kung may sakit ang nanay (If you run out of breast milk, sharing is safe for as long as the giver must be healthy)” Mancilla said.

Mancilla also reminded the mothers with babies below 6 months old not to bring them exposed outside as much as possible.

“We also recommend that the parents, other individuals in the house with the babies, must be vaccinated, observe frequent had washing, avoid too much exposure to crowded people, and maintain cleanliness.

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