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Lenten Message of the Archbishop

As we enter the holy season of Lent my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us open our hearts and heed the call of the Lord to repentance , conversion and to a deep prayer life.

The three pillars of Jewish and Christian spirituality of PRAYER, FASTING and ALMSGIVING offer us blessed Preparation for the remembrance of the Passion and death of Jesus, Purify us of our sins and evil inclinations, and offer inner Peace the first fruit of the Resurrection of Jesus, Our Lord. Lent is the holy season to experience the Kindness and Compassion of God.

In the name of the passion and Resurection of Jesus, let us be kind, forgiving and compassionate to each other.

May our INA inspire us to a fruitful celebration of Lent. A blessed and meaningful Lent to all.

God bless!

In Jesus,

+ Rolando J. Tria, Tirona, OCD, DD Archbishop of Caceres

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