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‘Doble Plaka’ earns flaks

NAGA CITY ---The newly-enacted Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act will put the lives of every motorcycle rider at risk.

This is what George San Mateo, president of Condor Piston stressed in a radio interview last Friday, March 15.

The new law which was recently signed by President Rodrigo Dueterte seeks to implement the so-called enlarged “doble plaka” which has drawn varied reactions from netizens, motorists, and concerned citizens. San Mateo said that the implementation of the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act decreases the accountability of law enforcers towards crimes involving motorcycles so that the riders are now given the task to help prevent crimes such as those involving riding in tandem.

He also stated that the “doble plaka” will likely cause more accidents because oversized vehicle plates installed in the front side of motorcycles will obstruct clear maneuvering by motorcycle drivers.

Meanwhile Atty. Noreen Lutey, Regional Director of Land Transportation Office (LTO)-Bicol, confirmed the agency is still studying the new law before they implement the “doble plaka” scheme.

She stated that the agency is still conducting meetings concerning the exact sizes and colors of the plate numbers that will be installed on the motorcycles.

She clarified that the results will be effectively implemented depending on how large or small the plates will be in accordance with the new law.

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