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Chilling the Killing

I was sitting at the back of a hall for a late morning conference with our supervisor presiding. I was expecting the usual; discussions over work issues, maybe some arguments here and there – all in all, something I would want to get over with. I was listening to our supervisor go on a relatively lengthy background of his major concern – his usual Sunday routine. He tells us of his eatery, and how it was jampacked with patrons last Sunday noon. Then the narrative’s action rises as he recounts of a blade wielding half-naked man entering the place, understandably creating a commotion. I could imagine the patrons quickly suspending their lunch and making a run for dear life. That must have been a mess of a mess hall. This man rummages through the quarters. Poor employee gets cornered, and becomes the ruthless receiving end of multiple stab wounds. It’s appalling how life could brutally end that way.

The rampage doesn’t end there. Somehow, I feel relieved that a couple of police officers apparently managed to respond in a considerable time. One poor cop got cut and sliced, leaving the partner not much of a choice but to fire shots. It’s appalling how life could brutally end that way.

This madness took place within walking distance from downtown, from that landmark of a public market, within a dangerously close distance from the east bound jeepney terminal. Heck, I grew up in that neighborhood. I used to walk to and fro in that street and around it in my tank top and shorts, in slippers, as a kid. That was where the old puto store stood way back, the place where an old, big Chinese guy wearing white tank top used to sit by the doorway, while reading a Chinese newspaper. This happened in Naga.

We have this a few days after that maddening mayhem in New Zealand. I feel sorry for the Prime Minister’s frustrations for failing the sense of safety of the citizens. And I thought, stuff like that only happens in the United States. That seemed to follow an American blueprint. A runner up, maybe, would be France. But you don’t see the land of the kiwis among these ranks. It is totally unheard of; unthinkable, much like that blade wielding half naked man killing and having been killed right around the place of my childhood. Sure, that place has had its share of troubles. But this is madness.

The difference between the two incidents is between blade and bullets. Far be it for that poor fellow to have grudgingly gripped a gun and had his fingers tremble on a trigger, then we’d be like Paris sans ISIS. Tragically troubling.

My spirit has not yet settled from the monstrosity of the merciless mangling of the maiden with her inner parts violated, and the paranoia of child abduction for organ extraction; and now, we have this. What is worse is it’s closer to home.

So, what drives men to kill?

According to J. Warner Wallace, a Cold-Case Detective , Christian Case Maker , and Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, “human misbehavior is motivated by: financial greed, sexual – or relational – lust, and the pursuit of power.” “The Pursuit of Power can be very nuanced and includes one’s sense of respect, authority, embarrassment, prestige or control.” “Episodes of perceived disrespect and embarrassment are often the motive for murder.” (

I don’t think they got some cash out of that. I don’t see covetousness in the incidents. That leaves just one among the list of three. Perhaps, there had been a shaking of some sense of respect, authority, embarrassment, prestige or control; or maybe, there had been a deprivation of some sense of respect, some level of authority, some sort of prestige, some form of control, which had led to embarrassment.

New York City forensic psychologist N.G. Berrill, PhD says that “A killer could be a sensation-seeker, looking for a thrill. The killer could be taking revenge for some real or perceived slight by society. The killer could be trying to impress someone. The killer might enjoy making others feel fear, or the social reaction to the killing.

A killer might be engaging in an initiation of sorts, for inclusion in a group or gang. The killer might also be acting on a flawed political or religious belief Or there might be a true psychiatric issue. Without a clear link to the victim, blurry motivations may make the insanity plea more likely. “ (

“It is noteworthy that Wallace has emphasized that unless we, as a nation, are willing to embrace and promote a worldview that helps us understand the proper role of money and financial stewardship, promotes sexual purity and restraint, and helps us place the needs of others ahead of our own desires, we can expect more of the same..” (

“When I say to the wicked, ‘You wicked person, you will surely die,’ and you do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.“

Ezekiel 33:8

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