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There was a time when graduations were called commencements. Now, graduation day is called moving up. It took a while for my brain to wrap around the term. Guess I’m old school. Guess I’m just old. I still like the term commencement more than moving up though. Commencement has an official and a positive sound. Moving up connotes balloons floating toward the clouds. Very casual and airy. But all that is semantics. They both mean two things, something ended and something is about to begin. Great expectations.

Congratulations to the graduates, the movers, the commencers. Congratulations as well as to the parents and guardians and the teachers. Job well done. Here’s to a playful and pleasant summer vacation to the movers and best of luck in the job hunting to the graduates. Cheers!


Cradled almost halfway up Mt. Isarog in Barangay Consocep, where the waterfalls of our childhood is located, lies the most popular destination in Camarines Sur. The place is bustling with guests whether it’s sunny or it’s rainy. Several degrees lower compared to the weather down here, Hibiscus Camp Consocep’s weather is always sublime and cool. It’s a different world up there. The vegetation is thicker and greener, the colors of the flowers are more vivid and wild. Indeed it is proof of Mt. Isarog’s volcanic activity in a pre-civilization as we know it time.

The road to Hibiscus Camp is marked with many sharp turns but the ascent is gradual. It is good to stop along the way and bask in the marvelous view. There is a pitstop where the sweeping vista is at its best that it has become the favorite photo op place of excurtionists.

When in the camp itself, there are pools, pretty cottages, a coffeeshop, the killer view, and lots and lots of flowers. Sometimes there’s a rainbow and oftentimes, the clouds descend to kiss you. The Earth is having a grand time in Hibiscus.

Recently, we were fortunate enough to attend the wedding reception of the owner’s son Jobo Llaguno and bride Shenana Lim. Under a large tent and amidst an exquisite set up, guests were treated to a night of great food and fellowship. Hibiscus Camp is a totally grand venue for special occasions such as weddings. An intimate party would also be nice in Hibiscus especially with the sunset as backdrop.

The Earth is having a grand time in Hibiscus Camp and so are we.


Last December, the University of the Philipines Alumni Association Camarines Sur Chapter elected a new set of officers. The first activity planned by the group was to call for a general assembly of UP alumni, to refresh the organization with zeal and dynamism for the love of the alma matter and the community in general.

The general assembly will also be the oath taking of the new officers who will serve for two years. It is set on Saturday, April 6 after the motorcade around Naga City at 1 pm. The venue is at the Dona Dolores Hall, Villa Caceres Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue. No less than Vice President Leni Robredo will be administering the oath.

Around a hundred Iskos and Iskas are expected to attend the general assembly. All UP alumni from Camarines Sur are invited to attend. Early registration is encouraged. Feel free to contact 0916 3302116 or email for details.

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